The rise of the epidemic in Changchun is related to clusters of cases and community infections

Zhang Li, deputy director of the Health commission of Jilin Province, said at a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control on Monday that the rise of COVID-19 in Changchun is related to the cluster of cases in farmers’ markets, construction sites and other units, which has caused community infections.The epidemic has been effectively contained in Jilin city and Jiutai District of Changchun, but it is still necessary to consolidate the epidemic prevention and control achievements and reduce the number of new daily infections.From 00:00 to 24:00 on April 1, jilin province reported 1,730 new local confirmed cases (1,720 mild cases and 10 ordinary cases), including 1,544 in Changchun, 178 in Jilin, 6 in Siping and 2 in Baicheng.A total of 1,244 asymptomatic local cases were reported, including 894 in Changchun, 349 in Jilin and one in Siping.(By Zhang Jian, Duan Xu and Zhao Dandan) Source: Xinhua News Agency

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