The cheapest hongqi, the H5 starts at 145,800 yuan, but it’s not worth it?

Red flag is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, as a “domestic luxury brand”, the red flag has always been to many consumers to dignified brand image, and the red flag H5 as its entry-level models, price is 14.58-190800 yuan, it than many joint brand positioning b-class with level in comparison to the cheaper models, so the car is worth buying?Come with me and have a look.Appearance, even if watch logo, with the car’s consumer can see that this is a red-flag car should, the former face is straight waterfall type intake grille, their chrome trim line, let the car looked very atmosphere, in order to cater to young consumers, however, the red flag H5 compared to the red flag H7 and H9 the eldest brother “convergence” a lot.The headlights on both sides include an underlining that at least makes the front look less old.The side of the body, red flag H5 is more obvious in courting young people, stretch lines and slender body is still and let it maintain a strong field of energy, slip back modeling must not have many young people will resist it.The design of the rear part of the car is relatively simple and even some simple, taillight has no characteristics, in addition to the huge “red flag” two words, there is nothing special.Came to the car, the red flag H5 or main composed design style, central neat layout, no fancy element to join, electronic gearshift area has touch-key, physical buttons and knobs, function distribution is clear, easy to operate to fit in to break depressing feeling, joined the many chrome trim for ornament, an interior, though not a lot of luxury feeling and sense of science and technology,It’s easy to watch.10 inches suspension control panel support bluetooth connectivity, speech recognition, networking, etc., function is not rich, but the steering wheel all are genuine leather material, simple sense is good, lower the distribution models for the imitation leather seats, high for leather, in addition, low match of two models main co-pilot seat or does not support electric adjustment, use some inconvenient.Hongqi H5 length, width and height are respectively 4945/1845/1470mm, wheelbase 2875mm, body size and wheelbase belong to the mainstream level, there is no problem with the rear seat space, but it is not excellent.In terms of power, hongqi H5 with a 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 169 HP and a maximum torque of 258 torsional meters. It is matched by a 7-gear wet dual-clutch transmission.The 1.8T+48V light hybrid system has 197 horsepower and 320 torchmeters, matched by a six-gear automatic transmission.Overall, although the price compared to the joint venture mid-size an advantage, but the red flag H5 also did not show too much on product advantages, compared with the mainstream b-class not spacious, configuration in brand cars in China is not rich, even though the brand in China red flag brand image is the top, but compared to the joint venture brands,Consumer recognition of the red flag is not that high.

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