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Le Xuan to push the book!Recently many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect + attention, not afraid of book shortage again!Today xiaobian recommend to everyone: the first “old ancestor she is beautiful and Sayin” author: Sweet Xibao introduction: Bai Chu Wei lived five thousand years, abruptly became the ancestor of all human beings, down the mountain to open the original story.Henghua high school three new turn to a female students, little girl bright eyes bright teeth, lips red teeth white, like a fairy.It is a pity that it is the second disease – “ten duan jia together are not half of my accumulated assets of five thousand years.””The most famous Chinese classic?I wrote it for fun two hundred years ago.””Scientific research is not as good as one sword flying fairy, today my ancestors teach us how to repair fairy science.”Eat melon netizens sniffy, waiting for Bai Chu Wei loaded overturned car.Until later, the Chinese Property Statistics Association said, “As the richest man in the world, my grandfather owns the most gold mines and hundreds of islands in the world.Bai Guofu looked at Bai Chuwei with awe on his face and replied: “It’s the ancestor.”Long sixty years, he from a child to become a white-haired old man, and Bai Chu Wei is still 18 years old girl’s appearance, time attached to her, fundamentally let a person can not see how old she is.Bai Yinyin gas want to vomit blood, her grandpa this answer let her suspect grandpa really alzheimer’s disease.Bai Chu Wei gently twisted his neck, languid lazily asked: “I want to go to henghua one of the reading thing done?”Bai Guofu nodded respectfully, and suddenly a bright light flashed through his cloudy eyes. He cautiously probed, “Sir, it is done, but it is safer to have parents studying abroad.Small rich think, or wronged ancestors, put your name in my two son White Hongguang name?How about foster daughter?”Bai Guofu this old man has his own small worry, he has two sons, the eldest son is a very safe, grandson also has the strength, is the succession of the white company.Two son is a mix too bad, white Hongguang have no ability, also in the outside, let the old man is a headache.But if this is related to the ancestor, he will not have to worry about his second son’s poor family after his death in the future.Bai Chuwei pulled the corners of her mouth, meaning a long laugh.Bai Guofu’s mind, she was very clear.Bai Chu Wei sighed in the heart, the story is really very strong ah.In the original work, the original owner is to read henghua one in the identity of the White House adopted daughter, even if the system out of so big failure, the result is still in the plot.Bai Chu Wei has not promised down, has been quiet white Hongguang and Liu Man two couples look changed.Liu Man face livid, suddenly pull white hongguang’s tie, forced a way: “this is your illegitimate daughter?”I see!Just don so abnormal, called a little girl grandfather, and kneel and kowtow, the don to help his son, the illegitimate….(Click the card can be read for free) the second “beauty is difficult to block” author: Saint demon brief introduction: brake failure!Xu’s foot stepped on the brake more than a dozen times, but the black car was still as wild as a runaway horse. Her hands held the steering wheel, cold sweat soaked the clothes on her back, and the red light in front of her showed that she had no time to hit the steering wheel, a Chery QQ rushed over.The crash ripped open her eardrums, the airbag popped in time, and she could feel the car spinning several times before it flew over the kerb and slammed into a thick tree trunk.I do not know how long in the past, she heard someone beating the door, Xu Qingshen was pulled out of the cab, forehead came severe…Two people outside the car face is not good, Jiang Yuan Zhou continued to say, “Miss Wan thought she was going to surrender, so must settle her this hit-and-run crime is it?”Xu Love to hear in the ear, only feel jumpy.She didn’t know anyone named Wan, and if I had to say something about it, then…Fang Sheng’s fiancee is surnamed Wan.”Mr. Jiang, we don’t mean that.”Jiang yuanzhou took one leg and slowly took off the leather gloves. “Move the car. Go back and tell her that I was kind enough to save the man who was in the car accident last night.So there’s no use trying, see?”Xu Qingshen put on the side of the hand a little bit into a fist, not far away, there is a police car alarm sound through the horn sound.Two people see is hide not to live, have to admit.”Mr. Jiang, you will make Miss Wan sad.””She can hook up with the surname square under my eyes, how, I pull the woman beside me, who dare to say more?”The man outside the window was speechless.Jiang Yuanzhou rubbed his fingers back and forth on the leather gloves, his sharp eyes hidden under the black lenses, the bridge of his nose stretched very tight, and he sat there with a strong aura, very close to people.Xu Qingshen saw his thin lips moving up, “you, have words to let them bring Fang Sheng?””I don’t know him well.”Jiang Yuan Zhou hummed softly.”Worthless things.”The two men put up their feet to go.”That good,” xu Affection deep suddenly riling lip is small open, “also help me take a word.”Jiang Yuanzhou did not speak, the two people outside the window did not dare to leave rashly, Xu Qingshen looked at them calmly, “See Fang Sheng help me with a word, just say…I know Jiang Yuan Zhou very well now.”Hearing this, Mr. Jiang’s chest heaved a few times, and gradually, the corners of his mouth opened. Finally, he burst out laughing with joy.It’s worth all the effort he put into her.They do. They do.Introduction: “I love the girl. She doesn’t like Chibi Maruko-chan and thinks her face is too big.The girl I love, she likes Sesshomaru more than Inuyasha;The girl I love, she has a sweet tooth, she…It’s cute.”Ren Duan and Qi Shu walk together on the way back to the dormitory, three months together, she also probably know something about her situation.The former ren Dan would probably ask her why she came here, but now she knows more about the hardships people live in this world. Everyone has their own reasons for not wanting to be humane, just like she, just like the people living in this land, they have no choice.So, she never asks questions.Back in the dormitory, Ren Duan cleaned up briefly and took out his cell phone. There was no missed call and no message.Turn it off, place it under your pillow and go to sleep.”Dong…Dong……”Awakened by a knock on the door, Ren duan got out of bed and opened the door. Qi Shu stood by the door and asked, “Why?””There’s been an explosion at the factory. We need to help right away. Hurry up.Qi’s voice was calm, but his eyes were worried.”Good.”Ren Duan watched Qi shu walk forward, closed the door, changed his clothes as fast as he could, picked up his bag and ran to the hospital.Just walked into the hospital, bloody smell waves into her nose tip, met the eyes of many injured holding each other, waiting for the nurse to come to the medicine, corridor, ward, without exception.The accident came too suddenly, and the hospital didn’t have enough staff or medicine.”Gardenia, please save my dad, save him,” a six-year-old girl said in English as she ran up to Renduan and knelt in front of her, sobbing.Ren Tuan picked the girl up and looked down at her. It was the daughter of the local family who had invited them to dinner tonight. He hurried over to check on the wounded.The tourniquet was immediately taken out of the bag to stop the bleeding. After a few minutes, the blood clotted and stopped flowing.He touched the girl’s head and said in English, “Dad will be all right. Don’t be afraid.”The girl looked at Renduan, nodded, and took her father’s hand firmly.The scene moved everyone in the room, but no one stopped to lament that they had no time, and that every second they delayed could cost a life.The rest of the day was so busy that we couldn’t stop to eat. When we were hungry, we could only eat a few bites of bread. When we were sleepy, we had to take a nap and get up and start work again in a few minutes.Fortunately, however, there are well-known domestic enterprises to donate medicine, and finally solved the problem of insufficient supplies.On April 6, 2019, Beijing time, the first ray of sunshine in the morning shone into the high-level ward of B City Hospital. A woman stood by the window, staring into the distance, her hopes and desires fading from her eyes and becoming a touch of despair.Even in her hospital gown, she could not hold back her grace.”Mom, why didn’t you call me when you got up?”The woman, who was lying beside the bed, woke up and saw the woman standing by the window, putting on the clothes she had got up.”Tea tea, today is the day of surgery.”The woman turned and looked at her daughter Ren Tu.Ren Da come forward, hold bai Ruowen’s hand, “mom, you don’t be afraid, the doctor is not to say, the possibility of successful operation is very big.”(Click the card to read it for free.) 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