Rizhao fun tourist attractions, delicious rizhao seafood, matters needing attention

Although the sunshine is not big, but there are many people to travel, there are many interesting attractions, follow me to have a look.Scenic spot recommendation Rizhao Lighthouse Scenic Spot – free treasure children must be rushed up, here is simply rizhao play must punch the clock place.Watching the sunrise in the morning, watching the sunset in the evening, enjoying the seaside scenery on the way, what a thing to enjoy.Can also take photos when the tide, it is said that the tide can reach 15 meters high Oh Sunshine million square scenic area – free square is the bathing beach, but also the sunshine tourism window, here five doors of the number three door is taking photos net red scenic spots.Wankou scenic area has some amusement facilities, ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and many good places to take photos, every minute to take a sense of the big picture.Rizhao World Sailing Base – Free World Sailing Base is the number one training base for sailing in Asia, and there are also large dragon boat races held here.It is mainly free to enter, there are many sailboats, you can do all kinds of boat games, is a good place to play.Rizhao Liujiawan Beach Park – charge here is a good place to catch the sea.Wait until the ebb tide, to the sea, looking for ebb tide falling fish, shrimp, crabs, starfish, shells, etc., can also let you feel the sunshine of the sea breeze, really super interesting.Dongyi town – free dongyi town is a characteristic tourist walking street, here snacks more, tanghulu, stinky tofu, a variety of delicious snacks everything.If you are lucky, you can catch the performance in the evening. If you are not able to catch up, you can also enjoy the night scenery.twoRestaurant recommended chocolate fish, it is a very famous parity chain super affordable, seafood is very fresh, is a good place to rizhao rice, seafood is delicious, spicy of turbot and steam and Spanish mackerel dumplings is absolutely unique, affordable restaurant before wang yuan seafood restaurants, seafood tastes good, steamed fish, salt and pepper pipi shrimp flavor is good,You can’t miss a meal at the Former Wang Yuan Seafood Restaurant.Guaranteed to warm your stomach.Tips :1. If you decide to stay in Rizhao, the hotel should be booked in advance, especially during the peak tourist season!2. When taking a taxi, try not to listen to the hotel or guesthouse recommended by the driver, because some taxi drivers cooperate with the inn to solicit customers!A trip to Rizhao is definitely the right choice, guaranteed to make you never forget

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