Lin Zhiling baby, her husband interviewed difficult to hide excited feelings, two people in a voice of doubt towards happiness

Recently, Lin Zhiling finally succeeded in giving birth to baby, interesting however is, her child is born, did not cause too big sensation however, return not equal to before “Lin Yichen gives birth to baby” the attention is high.Her success in giving birth to a baby was not widely reported, but let a lot of black people shut up, it is a long story.Recently Lin Zhiling’s husband Kurozawa Ryohei accepted the media interview, married for two years to finally have a child, he can not hide the excitement, and expressed his special thanks to Lin Zhiling.Kurozawa Ryohei said, two people from marriage to children, to overcome a lot of difficulties Kurozawa Ryohei said, they also like ordinary people, will be under pressure from all aspects, baby is not simple, there are a lot of difficulties to overcome, he said, Lin Zhiling never give up.Simple words can be seen, 47 years old Lin Zhiling give birth to a child, it is not so simple.The first is the physiological pressure, to conceive a child is a big problem, the process of women’s body load.Secondly is the pressure of public opinion, Lin Zhiling since married to black Zer Liangping, the street is almost collective not good, for a while said she was domestic violence, for a while said her husband’s family is not welcome to her, for a while said her face deformation.Of course, there is family pressure, Kurozawa Ryohei can understand him, but the family elders are not necessarily.I can’t tell you how happy they were to finally get what they wanted.Lin Zhiling married to kurozawa Liangping why has not been optimistic?The answer to this question is clear to everyone. Although Lin Zhiling is no longer young, she can still occupy a seat on the goddess seat of the entertainment industry before she gets married.But her decision to marry far away in Japan has touched a sensitive spot for some.”Chinese goddess married a Japanese”, such a sentence, inadvertently offended many people, although everyone is outside around, never mention this core issue, but in the final analysis, this is a result of nationality discrimination.For example, if Lin Zhiling married a German, the public opinion would be absolutely different, although not as exciting as her marriage to Jerry Yan, but it doesn’t matter.Only is far marry Japan this matter, many people actually difficult to accept.Even in 2022, the issue of nationality is still blabbermouth. In fact, all reasonable people know that there are good and bad people in any country, and the bad people are still in the minority. We should not deny a country just because of some individual remarks that we do not want to see.For example, recently, due to the sports meeting, there was friction between Korean netizens and Chinese netizens, and then they began to look for some targets to attack. As a result, Tang Wei, who married a Korean, was rumored to have changed her marriage.Obviously this is a kind of insane behavior, decades ago in the TV series, Chen Zhen fell in love with a Japanese girl, why everyone has no opinion?But now, people are a little over-sensitive.Marriage is a matter of two people, if the decision to cross the border, it is because there is a need to cross the border in our daily life, long-distance relationship is difficult, let alone international marriage.If two people decide to marry across borders, there must be a reason they have to be together.Lin Zhiling and Kurosawa Ryohei have known each other for a long time, and it is not a flash marriage. Both of them are famous artists, so they must be very mature to get married.No matter Lin Zhiling or Kurozawa Ryohei, did not do anything bad, should get everyone’s blessing.However, these two years, about their reports, far more negative than positive, we not only did not bless, but like waiting for the separation of two people in general, but unfortunately, the sunspots did not wait for separation, but to the news of the successful birth of Lin Zhiling baby, suddenly can only shut up.However, there are individual media continue to take this matter to earn traffic, such as a network red big V made a long article, after some reasoning, concluded that Lin Zhiling’s children are not personally born.But did not lead a few days, this network red big V apologized, operation without lower limit.Is it really so hard to wish people well?Lin Zhiling in the entertainment circle, it is really a very good female artist, high education, know discretion.Before she married, few people would say anything bad about her.Now she is married to Japan, after two years of efforts also successfully gave birth to a baby, shouldn’t we put aside prejudice, good congratulations to her?As a result, even the stars in the entertainment circle, it seems that they dare not publicly congratulate her, a little people walk tea cool feeling, let a person feel regret.Conclusion Once again congratulations Lin Zhiling finally successful baby upgrade when the mother!No one congratulated Lin Chi-ling on giving birth to a baby. 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