“Let every Traveler Go Home Safely”

On January 22, the sixth day of the Spring Festival travel rush, the reporter saw at the entrance of sangzhi bus station, passengers wearing masks, after scanning the health code, travel card, temperature measurement, orderly into the station.”Comrade, health code how open not open ah, I not quite can operate.”Auntie Zhang, 65, was about to pull into the station when she had trouble scanning her health code.”Auntie, you first open wechat, and then search the Health card of Hunan province residents, click the health card…”Dressed in yellow vest volunteer Ding Biao enthusiastically help Aunt Zhang operation.Ding Biao, 19, a college student, is one of the newest volunteers.As a volunteer, on the one hand, I can provide services for the passengers in the station, and on the other hand, I can exercise my comprehensive abilities.”Ding biao told reporters that volunteering has provided him with a platform to extend the classroom from school to society.Different from previous years, due to the epidemic, this year’s Spring Festival travel rush is a little “quiet”.”Although the number of people travelling has dropped dramatically, our enthusiasm and service remain the same.”Ding Biao said.Sangzhi county bus station, a total of 45 volunteers, they take turns to ensure the safety of Spring Festival travel.”The bus bound for Changsha is about to check in, please queue up at the ticket barrier.”During the conversation, the station staff prompt.An elderly passenger carrying luggage with some difficulty, “grandpa, LET me help you.”Dingbiao saw immediately ran over.”Entering the station, someone to guide the way, someone to carry the luggage, thank you very much!”Zhang was overwhelmed with gratitude.It is reported that this year’s Spring Festival travel rush will last for 40 days from January 17 to February 25.In order to do a good job of Spring Festival transport and epidemic prevention and control work, Sangzhi County bus station carefully organized, carefully arranged, comprehensively improve the quality of service and guarantee ability.”We have conducted a full security sweep of waiting rooms, car parks and inbound vehicles to ensure everyone can get home safely.”Sangzhi county bus station related person in charge said, in the epidemic prevention and control, the station will organize personnel every day to the office, office area facilities and equipment elimination, all passengers have to take temperature, health code and travel code, minimize the risk of epidemic transmission.Editor | Yang Ting Duty director | Yang Xudong Final Judgment | He Shaoqun Production | Zhangjiajie This platform is owned by Zhangjiajie Daily.Any unit or individual who uses, republishes or disseminates the media copyright contents of Zhangjiajie Daily must obtain written authorization in advance.In addition to the scope of legal fair use, without permission, shall not be reproduced, dissemination of copyrighted works (works form is not limited to words).

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