Guangxi grabs the consumption node, expands the domestic demand, stimulates the consumption vitality, expands the quantity and improves the quality

By expanding domestic demand and creating new forms, Guangxi has tapped the potential of industries to make consumption run faster and increase the quantity and quality of consumption.Recently, with the theme of “GUI Pin Online shopping to turn the New Year”, the activities of the guangxi branch of the 2022 National Online Shopping Festival kicked off, the activities will continue until February 7.The online Festival included 10 activities, such as setting up a special event for “Guangxi Flavor New Year Products” on large e-commerce platforms, and organizing e-commerce platforms and offline stores to trade in old home appliances for new ones.In recent years, online shopping has become the first choice of many citizens.Ms Huang, a citizen of Nanning: “The New Year’s Goods festival has begun, should snack bar, New Year’s day to eat.Festive, this year is the Year of the Tiger, tiger pendants.”Online New Year shopping market is growing, and some department stores in Guangxi also through the online and offline mutual drainage of the Festival, tap the potential of local consumption, to achieve the growth of the entity supermarket turnover.Li Chunyang, general manager of the new retail operation center of Nanning Department Store Co., LTD., said, “From January 1 to January 13, the total sales volume was about 60,000, more than 80% of which were in the area, and some cereals, oils, cosmetics, nuts and refined packaged foods topped the list.”Cao Wuying, director of the e-commerce Department of the Commerce Department of the Autonomous Region, introduced that during this year’s Spring Festival, Guangxi will hold more than 100 themed activities centering on the tasks of epidemic prevention, supply guarantee and consumption promotion, focusing on the three-level linkage between districts, cities and counties, collaborative interaction between government and enterprises, and integration of online and offline promotion.During the activity, we will strive to achieve a 25% year-on-year increase in online retail sales of physical goods in guangxi, which will drive guangxi consumers to buy guangxi products.Cao Wuying, director of the e-commerce department of the Commerce Department of the Autonomous Region, said, “Focusing on guangxi wine products, Guangxi Flavor Spring Festival goods, daily necessities, featured agricultural products, featured food, industrial consumer goods, catering, household appliances, imported commodities, epidemic prevention commodities and other key commodities, guangxi physical commodities online retail sales reached 8 billion yuan.”Grabbing important consumption nodes, Guangxi uses the combination of “online + offline” to further tap the potential of consumption.Since last year, the Commerce Department of Guangxi has carried out a series of brilliant consumption promotion activities, organizing and carrying out guangxi “33 Consumption Festival”, “online guipin promotion” and other online and offline consumption promotion activities more than 2,000 times, resulting in a total transaction volume of more than 130 billion yuan.Su Jian, deputy director of the Commerce Department of the Autonomous Region, said, “We will expand the effectiveness of the activity through the triple overlay of government subsidies, preferential treatment for merchants and profits from platforms.”Under the impetus of a series of wonderful promotional activities, guangxi has also made some achievements in the promotion of key commodities, such as carrying out car oil linkage, car exhibition Tours to the countryside, home appliances for new and other key commodity promotion activities, and carrying out special rectification of the refined oil market, which has driven the sales of automobiles to over 10 billion yuan.In addition, Guangxi has also carried out 17 large-scale production and marketing docking activities such as 2021 national production and marketing docking of agricultural products, promoted a batch of “Guizhao” brand products to enter the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei market, and reached cooperation intention worth more than 23 billion yuan with large wholesale markets such as Beijing Xinjadi.Li Zezhu, deputy general manager of Beijing Guangxi Building, said, “We have set up a production warehouse in Nanning, which covers more than 8,000 square meters and contains fruit selection lines.Wumart,’s e-commerce platform, Douyin and Meituan’s preferred production warehouses are all located in our warehouse for delivery and organization.”Drawing on last year’s experience in promoting consumption, Guangxi will make every effort to stabilize consumption and promote a smooth domestic cycle this year.The reporter learned from the 2022 regional business Work Conference that this year, Guangxi Commerce Department will set up a special class to promote consumption, introduce ten policies to stabilize consumption, enter key cities to provide precise services, and do everything possible to promote the steady growth of consumption. It is expected that the total retail sales of consumer goods in guangxi will reach 926.1 billion yuan, an increase of more than 8%.(Reporter Jiang Wenting)

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