Yan Po Xi gave birth to a child for Song Jiang?Shandong farmers claimed to be descendants of Song River, also took out genealogy proof!

An elderly man in Shandong province claims to be an ancestor of Song Jiang, saying yan Poxi, who was killed by Song Jiang, actually bore song Jiang’s children and he is song Jiang’s descendant.Many netizens felt ridiculous about such a claim.However, in order to convince people to believe in themselves, the old man also took out the family tree to prove.It is true that the ancestor is called Song Jiang in the family tree, but even so, people still do not believe it. Later, in order to prove his identity, the old man took out a rusty iron knife, and said that he can fight song family boxing.All these seem to suggest that Song Jiang is indeed the old man’s ancestor, but is that really the case?One, Song Jiang and Yan Po Xi read “water Margin” people know, Song Jiang will kill Yan Po Xi, because the woman not only green Song Jiang, and also coerce the latter.Yan Po Xi was song Jiang bought a concubine.In ancient times, concubines had a very low status, equivalent to a piece of goods, which could be bought and sold or given by their owners.It can be imagined that Yan Po Xi threat Song Jiang’s behavior let Song Jiang how angry.At that time, Song Jiang had not yet arrived in Liangshan. Huang Gai of Liangshan sent him letters and gold, inviting him to govern Liangshan together.Song Jiang did not hide good things, yan Po xi found the envelope and gold.Yan Po pity brain a turn, think this is a good time, she wants to take the opportunity to blackmail Song Jiang, let himself from a concubine into a lady.Logically speaking, Song Jiang married this woman to be his wife, even if he wanted to leave with this woman in the future, with seven SINS off it can be.But Song Jiang still killed Yan Po xi, why Song Jiang can choose such extreme means?On the one hand because at this time, Song Jiang already know Yan Po Xi sent his cuckold, on the other hand, Yan Po Xi is very arrogant, claimed that Song Jiang if not according to their own, then took the envelope and gold to the government.Two, yan Po Xi self-destruction once Yan Po Xi really go to the government, then Song Jiang only waiting to be beheaded, looking at the woman so arrogant, Song Jiang can only pain under the killer, killed the concubine.According to the trend of the story, Song Jiang did not marry a wife all his life, so how to have children?The old man claimed that Yan Po Xi had given birth to a child during the time he was song Jiang’s concubine, but this was nonsense.Because the concubine identity of Yan Po xi, song Jiang and the thing of husband and wife can only be done between her, but the husband and wife relation that does not have any legal regulation.In this case, the concept at that time will affect Song Jiang will not be married before the concubine gave birth to children, but the specific situation is specific analysis, and between people is not the same, and this leads to Yan Po Xi root can not enter song Jiang’s family tree.To this doubt, the old man followed up with other proofs.The first thing is the family tree. In the family tree, one of the ancestors is named Song Jiang, but this is probably just a coincidence of names.In addition, the old man took out a rusty iron dao, in the spots, can vaguely see the knife carved with “Song Jiang Yin-yang dao” five characters.Listening to the old man solemnly speak out his origin, many friends have shaken their ideas, is song Jiang really descendants?And still give birth to the child with yan Po xi.Three, the old man is looking at the old man, the son of sung river old man, born in shandong, the consistent with sung river origins, but against the tree, the boxing and dao Yin and Yang, doesn’t mean the relationship between the two people on the one hand, from the Ming dynasty to now have several hundred years of time, things change, the moon and sun kuwata, among this lack of too much direct proof materials.Moreover, given Song jiang’s style and lifestyle, whether song Jiang has a son is still a big question mark.Think at the beginning, Song Jiang for his brother to deal with thousands of pieces of gold, can throw out thousands of pieces of gold, because the family is rich.With such a rich family, it was not difficult for Song Jiang to marry a beautiful daughter-in-law.However, in the relevant records of Song Jiang, it is never stated that Song Jiang had a wife.Song Jiang in the story is a chivalrous guest, he can spend money for his brother, liang Shan, but he has never considered his own life problems.The only one who had a relationship with him was Yan Po Xi, but Yan Po Xi was killed before Song Jiang left for Liangshan.After song Jiang went to Liangshan, he no longer had any emotional relationship. Even if there were single women who came to him, Song Jiang’s first consideration was his brother, not himself.In song Jiang’s extensive records, everything he does is related to his brother, so to speak, this is a man who binds himself to Liangshan.As for song Jiang’s own family and children, historical evidence is lacking.The old man relied on song’s boxing to prove that he was a descendant of Song Jiang, which was hardly convincing.Song Jiang himself in the story is very weak image, has not always been with Li Kui, Lu Zhishen and other people’s high martial arts skills, he is often weak scholar, intelligent mind such an image.Although ancient men more or less carried weapons on their bodies, it did not prove that they had very high martial skills. How could such a weak scholar have the habit of martial arts like those of the Song School?Due to the lack of books from the Ming Dynasty to the present, whether the old man is a descendant of Song Jiang remains a question mark, which has become an unsolved mystery.Even if it were possible to prove the identity of the old man’s descendants, for this era, it would not be very useful.To sum up, when time and space are constantly growing apart, it is hard for us to spontaneously want to touch the past history, but when we know that people around us have the slightest connection with the past, it is always easy to arouse our interest.If the old man is really the descendants of Song Jiang, then the family tree in the hand does have certain significance.Perhaps we can guess what happened to his descendants after Song Jiang through this genealogy.

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