The cold continues to bite!The Spring Festival holiday in Guangdong is wet and cold, then dry and cold

Today (February 1) is the first day of the Chinese New Year.At the beginning of the New Year, our friends are scattered all over the country and will continue to pay attention to the weather in Guangdong.It is often said that the taste of the New Year comes from cold. This Spring Festival, Guangdong can be said to be full of flavor of the New Year.Yesterday was the first day of the Spring Festival holiday, and the rain came to report!Looking ahead to the whole holiday, the rhythm of wet and cold followed by dry and cold of this Spring Festival in Guangdong has not changed much. The overall temperature is low and the weather is cold.From the first day to the third day of the rain, some areas can reach the moderate level of rain;Since the night of the third day, rain gradually collects in Guangdong from west to east (there is still some precipitation in the west of the fourth day), the weather turns from wet (cloudy) cold to dry cold, and the cold is still cold.Specific forecast: February 1 (first day), north Guangdong, pearl River Delta mainly cloudy with moderate rain, other cities and counties have light rain local moderate rain.Lowest temperature: north Guangdong, the pearl River Delta northern cities and counties 4℃ ~ 7℃, high altitude mountain areas -2 ℃ ~ 0℃, ice (frost) frozen, western Guangdong coastal cities and counties 13℃ ~ 15℃, most of the other cities and counties 8℃ ~ 12℃.Most cities and counties in Guangdong will see light rain and moderate rain on Sunday.Lowest temperature: 4℃ ~ 7℃ in the northern cities and counties of northern Guangdong and pearl River Delta, -2 ℃ ~ 0℃ in the mountainous areas of high altitude, freezing or freezing rain at night, 13℃ ~ 15℃ in the coastal cities and counties of western Guangdong, and 8℃ ~ 12℃ in most other cities and counties.On May 3 (the third day), cities and counties in northern Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta will have moderate rain, while other cities and counties will have light rain.Lowest temperature: 2℃ ~ 5℃ in northern Guangdong and cities and counties of the Pearl River Delta, -3 ℃ ~ 0℃ in mountainous areas of high altitude, freezing or freezing rain in the morning, 12℃ ~ 14℃ in coastal cities and counties of western Guangdong, and 6℃ ~ 11℃ in most other cities and counties.From 4th to 6th (4th to 6th), it will be mainly cloudy in the whole province.Low temperature below 5℃ in northern Guangdong and northern Pearl River Delta, and freezing in high altitude mountainous areas.The temperature rises during the day, but it remains cold in the morning and evening.Rain winter night, might as well pot a “good annual Italian soup” to keep in good health.Lotus root and lotus seeds are a homonym for “year after year” or “year after year”, oyster sauce is a homonym for “good news” and pig tongues mean “good luck” or “good luck”, meaning “good luck in successive years”.In fact, in addition to the meaning of the soup is very auspicious, its soup flavor and nutritional value is also very rich, suitable for the southern early spring health.Because it has the effect of nourishing blood, nourishing skin, invigorating spleen and benefiting stomach, and men and women, old and young.Ingredients (4-5 people) : 750g lotus root, 50g lotus seeds, 50g red beans each, 1/3 tangerine peel, 3 red dates, 50g oyster sauce, 1 slice of pig tongues, 150g pork bones, 4 slices ginger.Practice: each thing is washed separately.Cut the lotus root into thick pieces.Soak lotus seeds, red beans, tangerine peel and oyster sauce;Red date seedless;Pig tongues scraped away impurities.Add 2500 ml water (about 10 bowls) to pot with pork bone and ginger, simmer for 2 hours and salt.Efficacy: Nourishing Yin, tonifying kidney, invigorating qi and invigorating spleen.

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