The city’s 28 supermarkets are well supplied

Daily news (reporter Liu Lu) in view of the 25th many supermarkets vegetables sold out of the situation, the city’s major supermarkets, vegetable markets actively stock up, all kinds of vegetables on the 26th morning began to be on the market.Up to now, 28 key supermarkets in urban areas have sufficient supplies, stable prices and stable sources of goods.Among them, vegetables are mainly distributed from warehouses or directly from production bases in Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou, Yancheng and Shandong, and can supply 110.6 tons of vegetables per day, more than 30% of the usual supply.The Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized and guided supermarkets to do a good job in organizing the supply of goods and operating in an orderly manner. It promised that the price would not rise, the supply would continue, and the quality would not decline. It also issued permits to key enterprises and helped organize the organization, transportation, storage and delivery of vegetables to ensure that the shelves were not empty and the prices were not in disorder.At the same time, increase the supply of fresh e-commerce platform, guide hema Fresh, Ele. me, Meituan, Taocai CAI, Taoxian Da, Pindong Duo and other online sales platforms to increase stock and expand distribution capacity, ensure the transport of goods on the e-commerce platform, meet the public’s demand for fresh vegetables and other daily necessities at any time.At present, the city’s supply of daily necessities is sufficient, local supermarkets, farmers and farmers batch markets and other operating entities in grain, edible oil, meat, vegetables, milk and other daily necessities in sufficient reserve, can fully ensure the market supply, to meet the daily needs of citizens, all kinds of daily necessities price stability, market order is stable.The Municipal Bureau of Commerce will continue to do a good job in supply of goods, ensure the delivery of materials, urge key supermarkets and farmers’ markets to quickly stock up, assist in organizing the organization, transportation, storage and delivery of instant noodles, meat and vegetables and other materials to ensure market supply;Select a batch of online sales platforms to step up stock and expand distribution capacity, unite with multiple online platforms to promote non-contact distribution services, and further meet the public’s demand for the purchase of necessities such as fresh vegetables.The municipal Bureau of Commerce reminds the general public, pay close attention to official releases, do not fabricate rumors, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, keep rational, according to the need to buy daily necessities;When consuming in commercial places, take protective measures, wear masks correctly, cooperate with temperature measurement and code check, and keep a distance of 1 meter at checkout to jointly maintain good market order.

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