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How to live after retirement?Play chess with your old neighbors, visit the park, or pursue a hobby of your own?In any case, a happy retirement life is the common aspiration of people, and adequate pension is an important guarantee of retirement life.In 2021, the retired population participating in the basic endowment insurance for urban workers in China was 127 million, the total income of the endowment insurance was 6004.04 billion yuan, and the total expenditure was 650.03 billion yuan.The number will continue to grow as China enters an aging society.The importance of pensions to retirees is self-evident.However, some provinces and cities issued an important notice, starting from March, the pension of some retirees will be suspended, what is the reason for the suspension?And who exactly is that going to affect?According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the number of people aged 60 or above in China reached 267.36 million in 2021, accounting for 18.9 percent of the country’s total population.Most of them are retirees whose regular pensions are the main source of income for their daily lives.Most people are surprised to hear that some people’s pensions will be cut off and worry about their pension POTS.So who exactly will have their pensions suspended?The first is those who fail to qualify for pensions in time.Annuity qualification attrition basically is to confirm whether the person that gets annuity is retiree oneself, avoid false get, cheat to keep the happening of phenomenon, orgnaization of each district social security takes seriously highly to this.Ganzhou city in Jiangxi province, for example, issued a notice that social security benefits will be suspended for three months for those who fail to receive the qualification certification before February 28, 2022.In other words, if the pension is not certified within the time limit, the pension will not be available in March.Next are those serving prison sentences or undergoing reeducation through labor.The person who receives criminal punishment is also unable to receive pension while serving his sentence in prison. The pension will be stopped during this period and can continue to receive pension after serving his sentence and being released.Being on the list can also affect pensions.According to the law, those who break faith can get pension.But according to Article 243 of the Civil Procedure Law, the people’s court has the right to freeze and deduct necessary living expenses on the premise of preserving them.One of the main reasons for the suspension of pension is that the pension qualification certification is not carried out in time.In 2021, the total population of China was 1.413 billion, and the number of basic endowment insurance participants was 1.03 billion, covering the majority of the Chinese population.With the further deepening of the aging population, as an important part of the national social security system, pension has become a guarantee of happiness in old age.However, driven by economic interests, some people continue to receive pensions after the death of retirees, posing as others to defraud pensions.According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, between 2012 and 2016 alone, 760 million yuan of fraudulent pensions were claimed in China, and 710 million yuan was recovered.Thus it can be seen that the fraudulent behavior of China’s social security fund security caused significant harm.Pension qualification certification is to avoid fraudulent behavior from the root, timely certification is also the security of their own funds.It used to be limited by technology.Annuity attestation often needs party to head for orgnaization of social security to undertake, to the old person of inconvenient action is more difficult.Pensions can now be authenticated via mobile phones without leaving home.So if we have not been certified, we must seize the time to complete the period prescribed by the relevant departments, so as not to affect the issuance of pensions.In addition, the failure to activate the social security card financial account and the failure of the financial function of the social security card may also lead to the failure of pension payment, which needs to be paid more attention.Three, how to carry out pension certification since there is no timely pension qualification certification will affect the issuance of pensions, so how should we carry out pension qualification certification?In fact, with the development of society, the certification of pension is more diverse.First of all, you can choose online mobile phone authentication, through wechat, Alipay or download the relevant mobile APP for face recognition authentication.With a wink and a few facial expressions, you can qualify for your pension without leaving your home.Compared to the past to go to the social security agency certification is much more convenient and fast, also will not be limited by time and geographical factors.Silent authentication through big data comparison is another way.This method is mainly through big data background comparison, according to the party’s traffic, medical and other records for certification.I do not need to operate, compared with mobile phone authentication to the party less bother.One third of China’s retirees are now certified through big data.You can also choose socialization service certification, that is, door-to-door certification.The elderly who will not operate mobile phone procedures and inconvenient actions can choose to apply to the community, and the qualification certification of pension is carried out by the staff of social security institutions.This approach also reflects the humanization of social work in our country.Some regions can also choose self-certification.That is, the parties to the social security institutions of the self-service machine to carry out relevant operations, complete the pension certification.Four, why to carry out pension certification not on time certification may affect the normal payment of pensions, and may even be suspended, so what is the meaning of pension certification?The main point is to prevent fraudulent pension claims.There have always been some people who try to get pensions by impostor or not reporting the death of retirees.For example, in xi ‘an in 2020, 20 family members falsely claimed pensions, resulting in a loss of 2,394,600 yuan.This clearly has implications for the security of state and individual funds.Want to confirm the circumstance of retiree through the means of annuities attestation so.At the same time pension certification is also the international general practice.Not only is our country, many European countries including developed countries the United States is also using the pension annual certification verification method.China’s adoption of this approach, to a certain extent, is also in line with international standards.On the whole, pension certification is a guarantee for the public pension security.Whether in public or private we should actively cooperate, so as not to bring inconvenience to themselves.If you have friends who haven’t been certified yet, take note.Annuities attestation is annual, must undertake inside the time that sets in local orgnaization of social security.To sum up, pension is very important for retirees to have a pleasant life in their later years.If you want to receive the pension smoothly, you must not forget to get the pension qualification, otherwise the pension may be temporarily granted, affecting our daily life.Actually the country undertakes annuity qualification attestation, basically also is to protect our capital security.And now there are many ways to certify, you don’t have to go to the social Security Bureau to certify.Simply operating on the phone can be, do not feel more convenient than in the past?So is everyone eligible for pensions?What are the problems with pensions?Feel free to share your views in the comments section.

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