Ignite project “Main engine” erect development “backbone”

Hengyang Daily all media reporter Deng Jianghong to minstrel qin spring early, courageously catch autumn.At the beginning of the New Year, visit hengzhou earth major project construction line, whether it is the industrial park or the industrial base, the upsurge of construction scenes everywhere, a large number of major projects to advance smoothly, the roar of the machine, played the song of the struggle of the New Year.Project construction, baiye Xing.The project is the foundation of a place’s foundation and development, and also the main engine of promoting the construction of “three strong and one” in our city.Standing in a new round of great development, great construction, open the historic moment, in on the main battlefield of economic construction, hengyang firmly seize the stability of major projects “YaCangShi” economy, promoting the construction of major projects go all out to rapidly increase, with active development projects, with light global project, project construction of waves to go sailing.Making to project construction blew “centralized” assembly on February 7, the year of the tiger’s first working day, zhuhai launched “cohesion centralized GongJianNian” action, comprehensively promote the first group of 267 key projects this year, contained in the technology industry, the construction of park area, society and people’s livelihood, ecological civilization construction, urban and rural infrastructure, such as five categories, total investment of 248 billion yuan,The planned annual investment of 76 billion yuan ushered in a “good start” to the New Year!The meeting not only released the municipal Party committee, the municipal government to grasp the industry, grasp the big industry, grasp the project, grasp the strong signal of the project, but also sounded the city’s strong breakthrough, unswervingly accelerate the process of centralization “assembly call”.This year, the city will further strengthen the guidance of “industry strength, project hero”, show the project responsibility of “centralization of strength to tackle the critical year”, and strive to increase the city’s fixed asset investment by more than 12%, implement more than 320 key construction projects throughout the year, complete investment of more than 110 billion yuan, an increase of 30% compared with 2021.At the same time, it will seize the national and provincial major strategic opportunities, implement the strategic positioning and mission tasks of “three high and four new”, accelerate the construction of “three strong and one new”, highlight the development orientation of “one nuclear, two electricity, three colors and four new” major industries, plan major projects, and ensure that “plan a batch, do a batch well, strive for a batch, attract a batch”.Enhance the development of major projects —- the introduction and implementation of the nuclear industry metal powder project, TBEa electrician gathered 5G science and technology industrial park, Shuikoushan copper, lead and zinc industrial base extension, Hong New power battery, Hengyang International logistics port phase one 150 project construction;Hengzhou Avenue digital economy corridor construction as the lead, accelerate the implementation of high-tech zone headquarters base, mobile 5G cloud data center, Unicom Hengyang big data center, mushroom car intelligent network auto technology industrial park, Yanfeng big data Industrial Park, 5G base station construction and other digital economy demonstration projects, to create a digital economy pilot zone;Pay close attention to the preliminary preparation of a number of major preparatory projects, such as the annual output of 1 million tons of soda ash production base of Xiangheng Salt Chemical Co., LTD., the construction of The new steel city of Valing Hengsteel Co., LTD., and electronic pole resin, and promote the start of the projects as scheduled;All counties (cities), districts and parks will also focus on major industrial chains to attract a number of major projects of chain extension, chain complement, chain expansion and strong chain, and strive to introduce 15 projects of “Top three 500 enterprises” throughout the year. The amount of foreign capital actually used will increase by more than 10% year-on-year.Live up to the spring, the project construction must be in full swing to grasp the project construction in hand, on the shoulders, this is the city’s consensus, but also hengyang people’s confidence and determination.The high-tech zone headquarters base with a total investment of about 6.3 billion yuan is an important part of the industrial axis of Hengzhou Avenue and an important carrier of industrial transformation. All the landscape and basement decoration have been completed and will soon be completed and put into operation.The headquarters of the project location for smart, efficient buildings, form a set of office, scientific research, hatch, industry gathered in the integration of enterprise headquarters base, the headquarters of the new economic concept, complete business facilities and advantage of industrial cluster effect, to the high-tech zone and hengyang region have a positive role in promoting economic and social development.Located in the high-tech zone Hengzhou Avenue digital economic corridor of China Unicom Hengyang big data center project, construction units work overtime, rush against time, seize the construction period, ran out of the construction of the “acceleration”, the overall completion of the plan to put into use next year.After the project is completed, it will lead and radiate the regional economic development of South hunan and West Hunan, becoming hengyang digital economy industry highland and new landmark of digital city characteristics.In Hengdong County Yan Xiangxiang annual output of 12 million weight box ultra white volt and ultra thin electronic glass project site, the majority of builders are working at full speed, accelerate the progress of the project.At present, the project has built a workshop of 100,000 square meters, basically completed the installation of kiln equipment, and is about to start trial production.In Hengyang, such industrial driving effect of large projects, such as mushrooming around.These landing, taking root, flowering, fruition of the project, is hengyang economic and social high-quality development to add a steady stream of power.Up to now, the city’s first batch of key projects as scheduled resumption rate has reached 73%, is expected to reach 100% by the end of the month.In the near future, Hengyang will focus on the construction of 93 more than 50 million yuan major projects, a total investment of 45 billion yuan, the number of projects, the total investment are in the forefront of the province.Big one after another, the start of each project, the completion of each project, all condensed hengyang people seize the day, courageously strive for the first pride, reflects the “start is decisive battle, start to sprint” determination and courage.System escort, so that project construction steady and far “project to gather force center efficient promotion, firmly establish the consciousness of project is king, with major project construction to support high-quality development!”In the “centralization of the year” action mobilization conference, qin Guowen, party secretary of the powerful speech.In order to ensure steady and long-term project construction, since 2021, the city has taken a series of major measures: to establish and operate the mechanism of “five systems and one platform” for major project construction, and to introduce core measures such as “special class promotion”, “code protection”, “optimization of enterprise awards and subsidies”, “rescue and solution list”……Pioneering innovation makes the construction of major projects more powerful.We will focus on key issues, innovate mechanisms, allocate factors, and optimize services to help all kinds of projects sign up, implement, construct, put into operation, and deliver results quickly.It is precisely relying on the “escort” of the system that the city’s project construction continues to roll and blossom in an all-round way, and fixed asset investment runs smoothly and steadily.Statistics show that in 2021, the city’s annual fixed asset investment exceeded 240 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5%, ranking the fourth in the province;The 52 key projects in Heng Province completed the annual planned investment of 135.1%, an increase of 76.3%;131.7% of the planned annual investment in 281 municipal key projects was completed;There are 15 industrial projects in 17 individual projects in balance, accounting for 88%, ranking first in the province.At the beginning of this year’s New Year, the city also issued the “Hengyang city major project construction” five system one platform implementation rules (trial) “, to further clarify the relevant implementation plan, refinement and strengthening, more fully play the “five system one platform” in the major project construction support and promoting role.Among them, “record supervision system” focuses on solving the investment threshold, conditions and policies.The “promise fulfillment system” defines the scope and items of the project commitment and focuses on solving the project schedule.The “list management system” will establish “three lists” of difficult project construction problems, solutions and division of responsibilities, and further spur and encourage all levels and departments to study and solve practical difficulties and problems in project construction in a pragmatic manner.”Scale list system” creates an atmosphere, arouses spirit and inspires energy through the scoring and ranking of archived projects and commitments, as well as the reporting and praising of advanced responsible units.The “on-site observation system” creates a good atmosphere of working hard and learning to catch up in the whole city, so as to better improve the timeliness of project construction.A comprehensive scientific system to promote the construction of key projects has been formed around these systems and will continue to play a role.As the tide surges, the sails sail.With the help of the project construction of this powerful engine, Hengyang is struggling with the background, with the attitude of runners, to accelerate the “three strong one” construction, toward the national regional key city and provincial sub-center city goals.

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