Hunan Yongshun Canyon scenic spot, beautiful scenery can be called the yao pool in the world, everywhere deserted why abandoned

Yongshun belonging to xiangxi miao, tujia autonomous prefecture, the area is large population, is the birthplace of tujia nationality and the location of tujia dynasty in history, rich tourism resources, familiar with the movie “furong town” shot furong town, eight hundred toast dynasty ruled ancient capital of the old city, and adjacent to the zhangjiajie national forest park, a stream of national natural protection, etc.The tourism resources of Yongshun county are not only beautiful scenery of mature scenic spots, but also attractive scenery of abandoned scenic spots. For example, the Mara River scenic spot, which is introduced today, enjoys the reputation of yao Pool in the world. It is located in Shuole Village, Shidi Town, Yongshun County, located in the west of the county, more than 50 kilometers and about an hour’s drive.Mara river in karst valley scenic area, it is said that the scenic spot was first discovered by xiangxi chu river multi-worlds and outdoor adventure, canyon river 20 to 30 km, before this is having the river hydropower station, later developed by hubei tourism company became scenic spot, is popular for a time, just don’t know when to be abandoned.Mara river is the main natural landscape on the scenic area, in the valley between two mountains, river on both sides of cliffs, towering jagged, lush vegetation, the inside of the river landscape is given priority to with beach and pool, waterfall, stone green algae cloak on tidal flats, pure and fresh and beautiful, of course, the valley scenic area is the most beautiful waterfall or a pool, crystal clear, deep and beautiful,It is compared to the jade falling into the earth, the jade pool on earth.Mara river scenery is really beautiful, was developed as a adventure, leisure primarily scenic area, is quite popular with tourists, tickets received 180 yuan per person, is still crowded, but I don’t know what time it became a scrap scenic area, once again came to the mara river, see equipment rusting, road weeds, scenic area in desert, seemed to come to the end of the world, cool,Somehow give birth to some kind of chill.Why was the scenic spot abandoned?There is no official, only a net friend of speculation, some said it was a special period, the tourists was put in the home, abandoned is normal, and some people say that environmental protection is not up to standard, called off directly, or more inclined to furong town, the old city in the vicinity, there are too many scenic area development, tourist consumption caused by excessive and so on, have all sorts of claims in short, why, only the developers understand yourself.From the point of tourism resources, the scenery is beautiful in the mara river scenic spot, human body drifting experience program also has distinguishing feature very much, why would become a waste of scenic spot, is unknown, perhaps a net friend said that is the reason, but one thing may be overlooked, any only for local tourist scenic spot is not too long, wouldn’t you say so?Here is travel Explorer 2 travel world, after watching a point of concern, is the biggest support for xiaobian, thank you, big brother big sister brother and sister.

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