Elderly people speak for vaccination

Recently, Beijing’s streets and communities re-mobilized and re-deployed the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for people over the age of 60 through door-to-door publicity, whole-journey escorting and the opening of a “green channel”…Many elderly people, even those with mobility difficulties, began to take the initiative to get vaccinated, and actively “speak” for vaccination, making their own contributions to building a solid national immune barrier.Yesterday afternoon, Li Guanghua and Ren Yanmin, a husband and wife who live in the Third Community of Xiluoyuan, Xiluoyuan Street, Fengtai District, received the COVID-19 vaccine at home with the help of medical staff from the community health Service Center.Later, the community staff accompanied the two elderly people to safely stay for 30 minutes, confirm that the elderly did not have any adverse reaction before leaving.”It didn’t hurt at all, thank you.”Ren yanmin, 86, said he had wanted to get vaccinated for a long time, but was delayed because of a recent operation.This community for the elderly door-to-door vaccination service, just let her and her wife to complete the wish.A 98-year-old woman surnamed Cao, who lives in Yangsongzhuang Village, Yangsong Town, Huairou District, also completed her first vaccination in the company of her family and village officials.At the scene of the vaccination point, in the face of the inoculation of hundred – year – old, staff accompanied him, open the “green channel”, health care workers in detail about the old man’s past medical history, current condition and daily medication compliance, for she has carried on the inspection of the project such as measuring blood pressure, and has carried on the health assessment, the scene confirmed that the old man can meet the requirements of vaccination.After being informed and giving informed consent, the elderly woman successfully received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine without experiencing any discomfort.”The state vaccinates us for free, which is a good thing.I am still healthy, but the vaccination reassured me and reassured my family.”The old man said.”Thank you for your work on vaccinating our seniors.On March 18, Li Guihua, who lives in Shijingshan Bajiao Street Bajiao South Road community Building no. 7, handed over a banner to the street Party secretary Gao Chunling’s hands, thanks to the streets and staff efficient, serious, meticulous work and quality, warm heart service.Due to her old age and cardiovascular disease, Li guihua has some concerns about getting vaccinated.Street organs cadres and community staff in the process of visiting the household “should not be picked up” personnel, to understand the concerns of the elderly, asked the elderly in detail, patiently answer questions, the old man’s idea began to change, feel that the vaccine is very necessary for the elderly.After several household mobilization, telephone publicity, accompanied by community staff, Li Guihua successfully vaccinated, and personally spoke for vaccination: “vaccination is very important, the elderly do not have too much concern.”At present, the elderly also join the team of vaccination promoters in the community to advocate active vaccination.(Ren Xiaoyu, Jia Xiangwei, Zhang Meirong)

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