Depression is not enough to make up for it, the output skills you must master to play World of Tanks

As a simulated war game, World of Tanks is a combination of tough shooting and fine detail, and the ability to perform well on the battlefield relies on the unique skills of the commander in addition to the powerful attributes of the tank.Many commanders carry advanced tanks, and although they do have high output, there is always something missing. The missing detail is the mastery of depression.Each tank has its own set of depression angles, colloquially known as the maximum dive Angle of a tank’s artillery.The higher the tank’s depression Angle, the higher the top of the gun tail can rise, giving it more room to aim.Although the depression value is fixed, there are certain terrain areas where players can’t take advantage of the tank’s depression.You’re about to overtake an enemy tank, or you’re just one shot away from taking your head, but you can’t get to the point you want to hit because of the hilly terrain.It’s not the hilly terrain that limits depression, as long as the player can stand up, any terrain can work perfectly.Want to pad depression Angle can be considered from two aspects: one is the pad track, one is the pad head and tail.The operation of padded tracks is relatively simple, the turret is alive when the depression Angle is dead, and the turret is padded when the gun boundary is changed to depression Angle.The way to do this is to use an inclined plane to pad the tracks on one side of the tank so that the tank is tilted so that the Angle of the tank is sufficient.And cushion head and tail means to use the height difference between the front or rear, that is, the elevation Angle as a depression Angle.For example, if there is a pothole in front of you during a chase, you can drive the tank into the pothole so that there is a height difference between the front and rear of the tank, so that the Angle that you cannot reach can be used.While padding depressions allows players to better target enemy weak spots, they can also expose large areas for other tanks to shoot at.So the commander should try to keep as little of himself exposed as possible.It also requires the commander to be very familiar with the terrain and the tank, otherwise it’s a waste of time to be able to adjust the Angle for a long time without defeating the enemy.It takes a lot of practice for commanders to get the depression right, but World of Tanks has always been a fan.World of Tanks has also introduced a new premium tank replacement program for commanders, which allows them to trade in their gold tanks for new ones.In addition to the premium tank trade-in program, World of Tanks also has five new M-series Yoh tanks for the first time in World of Tanks. Commanders who like new tanks are eager to take advantage of the popularity.You might even be able to use the Yoh tank to develop new tactics for the New Year holidays and take the enemy by surprise.The Spring Festival holiday is coming soon, and I believe the commanders who love tanks are ready to play and can’t wait to have fun during the holiday.World of Tanks can’t be absent from such an important festival. The official website of World of Tanks is already beaming with the New Year setting.New commanders who join World of Tanks can now receive luxury rookie gifts, including rare skins and powerful premium tanks for free. The campaign is so big that it’s hard not to be interested.

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