“Cloud live” Spring Festival escort highway traffic in northwest Hubei province

Workers’ Daily reporter Zou Mingqiang correspondent Jin Weizhong Qu Tao yan Sheng qiang After the Spring Festival, when the return passenger flow peak, snow caused some national and provincial roads for a short period of traffic control, expressway became the only carrying people in the mountainous areas of northwest Hubei.In the face of huge pressure, northwest Hubei Highway operation company innovatively built “cloud live” platform, for the people in the mountain area to travel safely as a good traffic “pioneer”.”Hello everyone, this is the ‘cloud broadcast room’ of Hubei Jiaotou Hubei Northwest Operation Company to broadcast the expressway conditions in Shiyan area after the holiday in real time for you.”This is on February 6, the company monitoring center anchor, in the live broadcast hall.”Cloud live” has attracted the attention and praise of netizens from all over the country, and also brought a test to the anchors of the monitoring center of the operation company in northwest Hubei.As a result, the deputy director of the company’s monitoring center (and “webcast”) said excitedly, “‘ Cloud Live Broadcast ‘is different from answering customer service hotline, and interacts with netizens in real time. The output of information is larger and the audience is wider. The putonghua training and communication skills study carried out by the company before have played a great role in the live broadcast.”It is reported that since the start of the Spring Festival travel rush on January 17, the monitoring center of northwest Hubei Operation Company has carried out six “cloud live broadcast” activities in response to rain and snow and other bad weather, and the live broadcast account has received 36,000 followers’ attention.G4213 guzhu highway section overflow station closed, now the family is critically ill can not get on the highway how to do?Rescue information.After seeing this information, the “live announcer” of the monitoring center of northwest Hubei Operation Company immediately communicated with them to understand the situation.After learning that her family member was critically ill in the ambulance and needed to be taken to Shiyan City Hospital on the highway for emergency treatment, the “webcast” of the company’s monitoring center immediately contacted the person in charge of the overflow toll station and quickly coordinated with the police, road and company to open a “green channel”, escorting the patient to Shiyan City Hospital for treatment.Up to now, more than 2,100 monitoring images have been set up along northwest Hubei Operation Company, monitoring 581 kilometers of roads, 148 tunnels and 28 toll stations in real time, forming a “thousand-mile vision” with full coverage.During the Spring Festival travel rush, 11 monitors in one monitoring center and 10 centralized monitoring points of the company insist on “guarding” in front of the surveillance video 24 hours a day, paying attention to the “chang” and “safety” of the expressway with “clairvoyant eyes”, serving as “escorts” for the safe travel of passengers and passengers.”Due to the continuous snow, there is a small amount of snow on the road, please drive carefully, slow down!””There is a special situation on the highway, the car pull over, people evacuate, namely alarm!”…This is in recent days, northwest Hubei operating company monitoring center “cloud live” room, the screen rolling playing driving safety tips.To past the passenger safety, northwest of operating company monitoring center electromechanical administrator Li Longlong released between live on “cloud” every day “into the tunnel, please open the lamp to reduce slow” “grew up in the tunnel every 50 meters are equipped with emergency telephone, special events, you can through the emergency telephone call” “grew up tunnel are set up fire control facilities, and set up the instructions,In case of fire, you can refer to the operation instructions to use tunnel fire protection facilities for early self-rescue “and other information, and at any time combined with” cloud users “pay attention to different sections of the tunnel, for detailed explanation.During the Spring Festival travel rush, the number of expressway vehicles in northwest Hubei has increased by more than 30%, and the number of traffic accidents has also increased.To reduce traffic accidents, raising the level of emergency disposal to the greatest extent, northwest of operating company accident prone section monitoring center through careful analysis, accident type and the cause of the accident and so on, summed up the highway safety knowledge, through key sections of the tunnel emergency electrical equipment instructions and precautions of such information, with the help of a “live” on cloud platform in time,Share one by one with “cloud boss by” “cloud netizens”.Efficient service, won the “cloud boss by” “cloud users” praise, have been “Hubei trading speed!”Give it a thumbs up.Since the Spring Festival travel rush, the monitoring center of northwest Hubei Operation Company has broadcast 25.8 hours of live broadcast, which has been watched online by more than 600,000 netizens, with more than 4,000 online users at the peak.”Livestreams” from the company’s monitoring center responded to more than 12,000 traffic inquiries from netizens, winning 334,000 “likes” from netizens.

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