China’s first gold + create history!Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei jedi beyond the Chinese team excited embrace

China’s first gold + create history!Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei beat the Chinese team to embrace the excitement of February 5, Beijing time, short track speed skating for the first gold medal.In the semi-final, the audience experienced what it means to be up and down, first the Dutch team fatal error straight out.China came back from the dead to advance to the gold medal match after the third place finish failed to qualify for the Group A final, but after A review of video footage, officials ruled that both Russia and the United States committed foul play.Can be seen in the semi-finals, under the guidance of twins shao-lin liu and Liu Shaoang, Hungary has very strong impact, particularly in the start-up phase, their overall speed is very fast, in the final adjustments should or can China team lineup, after all, start-up speed and response on this, the fan can be new has been the world’s top level.Hungary’s weak spot is its women, so China will need to make sure it holds its ground in the women’s match and then drag the two men into the final.Through the comparison of the results in the semi-finals, it is not difficult to find that the four teams in the final of Group A are really equal. Who can win the gold medal actually depends on the smoothness of baton handover and the control of body position.With two teams committing fouls in the semi-final, the group B final was left to the Netherlands and Kazakhstan, two seemingly undemanding teams putting on a final show as the game began.The Dutch were always in the lead, and Schuerting was accelerating, looking to clear the air after his fall.In the end, Holland took the undisputed top spot in Group B, leading by nearly a lap.Group A Final: The final group A gold medal, China — Qu Chunyu, Fan Kexin, Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei;Hungary — Petra, Zofia, Liu Shao-ang, Liu Shao-lin;Team Canada — Brunel, Boutin, Dubois, Giller;Italy – Fontana, Valchepina, Sigail, Casinelli.Although the final did not appear, but Zhang Yuting is still with everyone to participate in the ceremony, which also reflects the unity of the team.China’s first leg Fan Kexin took the lead after the start, but the first corner was so hotly contested that the two teams crashed into each other and the referee decided to stop the race.After the adjustment, the game was again restarted.After the gun rang out, Fan Kexin was unable to grab the first place, in the third position.Team Canada went straight to first place.Qu chunyu succeeded in passing at the turn and Ren Ziwei made a comeback at the turn, bringing The Chinese team to the first place.After the handover, Wu Dajing began to slide under the rhythm, but behind the team is constantly chasing.Fortunately, the Chinese team’s baton handover was fine, as Fan Kexin started to accelerate directly, and then the two teams had problems and collided.China began to pull away from the rest of the team, Ren ziwei took the lead, Wu Dajing started to accelerate, and finally he held up the pressure to help China take the precious gold medal.China also made history by winning the first Olympic mixed relay gold medal.

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