Beijing police crack down on fake liquor ringSeized tens of thousands of bottles of counterfeit wine

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, some criminals are taking advantage of the popularity of liquor to make and sell fake liquor, such as the various brands of baijiu seized by Beijing police.The warehouse contained tens of thousands of fake bottles of high-grade liquor, which were seized by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Environmental Food and drug Brigade team, the Fengtai branch and other authorities.On the morning of December 31, 2021, the special case team came to Yungang and Dashui Factory in Fengtai District, and launched a net operation against six illegal gangs producing and selling “specially supplied” fake wine.During the operation, the police seized and seized more than 300,000 pieces of fake “special supply” liquor and other packaging materials, more than 6,800 bottles of fake high-grade liquor and more than 500 kilograms of bulk base liquor.The criminal gangs are mainly “small workshops” committed by family members, most of whom are husband and wife, father and son. They buy “Moutai Prince” liquor at a lower price and directly pretend to be Moutai bottled liquor, and then paste “special supply” and other packaging materials for sale.The reporter learned that as early as 2013, the state had jointly issued a ban on the use, production and sale of goods with “special” and “special” logo, with fictional state organs “special” as a stunt advertising is illegal.At present, the criminal suspect bamboo mou red and other 16 people suspected of counterfeiting registered trademark crime and the sale of illegally manufactured registered trademark crime has been fengtai public security bureau criminal detention according to law.Since 2022, the brigade brigade of environmental food medicine through the organization of local branches to carry out a comprehensive investigation, have cracked 19 cases of counterfeit alcohol production and sale, 41 people have been detained.Reporter: Li Yue liang Wei (from: yNET)

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