Who will benefit most from another 4.5% increase in basic pension for retirees in 2021?

Another 4.5% increase in basic pension for retirees in 2021?It’s a great thing, but for some people it’s just icing on the cake, and for others it’s a lifesaving solution.I have two living examples with me.The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance recently issued a Notice on adjusting the basic pension of Retirees in 2021, specifying that starting from January 1, 2021, the basic pension level will be raised for retirees of enterprises, organs and public institutions who have completed retirement procedures and received the basic pension on a monthly basis by the end of 2020.The overall adjustment level is 4.5 percent of the monthly per capita basic pension for retirees in 2020.From 2005 to 2015, the pension standard of enterprise retirees in China experienced a continuous increase of about 10% for 11 years, and the increase decreased to 6.5% from 2016.In 2017, the increase was 5.5%;In 2018, an increase of 5%;By 5% in 2019;By 2020, by 5%;In 2021, 4.5%.Arrive from 2005 2021, the country has been successive 17 years for retiree raise annuities, the annuities of our country retiree has been from most beginning insufficient 1000 yuan to nearly 3000 yuan now.Under the impact of the epidemic, various industries have been hit hard. On the one hand, the supply of labor has increased significantly, and on the other hand, enterprises have closed down and are finding it difficult to protect themselves.Even in this situation, the government has raised the pension for retirees, which shows that the government attaches great importance to retirees.In 2022, the “18-year increase” of pension can be said to have been determined.This is a good thing for every retired worker, and according to relevant experts, these four groups have seen the biggest increase. The first group is employees working in state-owned enterprises and government organs.The second category is when they were young to take the initiative to help the country to build, the old and the poor border areas to support the people.The third category is the elderly.The fourth category is military-to-military cadres.Besides capture expends fixed number of year, capture expends base, local worker last year average salary, the emeritus unit of retiree and position are different, pension also can put in difference.In Beijing, my eldest uncle retired from a ministor-level public institution directly under The State Council. Now he can get 15,000 yuan per month.Although the state stipulates that the pension of retirees generally rises by 4.5%, dajiu’s unit increases the salary of retired cadres of different levels on the basis of the general adjustment stipulated by the state, so the pension finally rises by more than 4.5%.My big uncle has health insurance, the unit returned to go up complementary medical treatment, see a doctor take medicine basic do not spend money.My aunt is a retired senior teacher with a pension of eight or nine thousand yuan.My cousin works in America and earns a lot of money.After my eldest uncle retired, his monthly expenses were not big and he could not think of getting his salary for several months.Therefore, my eldest uncle for the rise of the pension, the basic feeling.The opposite of my great uncle is my second cousin.Shandong province, my distant cousin is a retired worker from a private company. His pension after retirement is only 2600 yuan.Don’t look at 2600 yuan is not much at all, but it is the foundation of my cousin’s life.My cousin needs to maintain daily life, see a doctor, buy medicine, and provide for the elderly.Aunt Biao has no job and works at home.The children are working away from home.There are old people in the family to support.My cousin’s pension is an important support for the family.According to the national regulations, the salary of retirees will be raised by 4.5%. My cousin will get a raise of more than 100 yuan, which is the living expenses of his family for a few days.All retirees will get a 4.5 percent increase.But people at the bottom outside the system got 100 yuan more, and retired officials inside the system got thousands of yuan more.This 100 yuan is a timely help to the common people, but only icing on the cake for the cadres.In addition, many rural elderly have reached the retirement age, but in order to survive, still go out to work, earning a meager income.They toil all their lives without full security in old age.Wouldn’t it be better if the policy could benefit our rural friends, so that the elderly in rural areas could have something to rely on?At present, it is a common phenomenon that the pension of retired people is significantly higher than the salary of active people.In many families, the elderly have a pension of more than 10,000 yuan, but their children earn only a few thousand yuan a month.The unit where my elder uncle is, same post, retiree salary is a few higher than on-the-job personnel really.These are mainly employees of state-owned enterprises and government agencies.The basic direction of pension increase is that the longer the life of basic pension contribution, the greater the increase range;And the more you contribute to the basic pension, the more it goes up.Employees of state-owned enterprises and government agencies have to pay social security contributions for more than 30 years, and their contributions are also large.Therefore, according to the method of pension increase, employees in state-owned enterprises and public institutions will see their pensions rise much higher than ordinary people.The state has raised retirees’ pensions for 17 consecutive years.However, the salary of employees may not rise every year, and may not increase for several years due to the economic environment, company benefits, personal performance and other factors.My cousin said that the section member of her unit who retired last year, with more than 30 years of service, had a pension of nearly 7000 yuan, while the in-service staff’s net salary was only 4000-5000 yuan.A few years ago, working clerks earned about the same, when retirees’ pensions were more than 5,000 yuan.In less than 10 years, the pension increased from 5,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan.The endowment insurance is written at the end to ensure that people over the age of 60 can have basic living security.After all, there are only a few people who can make outstanding contributions to their jobs, and it is reasonable for them to receive a higher pension after retirement.As a matter of fact, most workers are ordinary people, and not all of them can work in state-owned enterprises or government agencies. Many of them work in private enterprises and their employers pay them a minimum social security contribution. Some of them lose their jobs when they are over 40, making it difficult to find new jobs.Some workers, because of various reasons, do not work formally, can only pay social security according to flexible employment personnel, until 55 years old retirement.The pension for these people after retirement will not be high, only to ensure basic survival.In addition, in the vast rural areas, many rural elderly do not have pension security.Wouldn’t it be better if the government could give some subsidies and preferential policies to the disadvantaged groups, so that these retired people can also be supported and supported in their old age, so that they can live a solid and prosperous retirement life?

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