“Waist Stocks” in the Annual Report of Public Funds

Fund 2021 annual report disclosed, the fund manager’s holding structure, invisible heavy warehouse shares and market strategy exposure.Many people sum up, many opinions.This time while the annual report, the fund’s shareholding is more complete, so specially refined a number of so-called fund “waist”.Data show that by the end of 2021, public funds hold 2208, holding the largest number of funds is still part of the fund’s “waist stocks” as follows: the fund’s “waist stocks” are often the fund’s “hidden heavy positions”, perhaps because of a certain stage of volatility, and exit the fund’s top ten heavy positions sequence;There are also a part of the stage because of strong performance, and into the top ten warehouse list.As a result of the quarterly report, can not see the top ten outside the heavy warehouse shares, so the fund’s “waist shares” are often ignored.According to the 11 to 20 largest holdings disclosed in the annual report, and excluding the statistics of the top 100 stocks held by the market value of heavy positions, the public offering fund invisible heavy positions focused on the layout of high-end manufacturing enterprises.In the top 20 invisible heavy storehouse, the enterprises that belong to material and industrial industry amount to 9.Compared with the key layout of large consumption of the fund heavy warehouse, invisible heavy warehouse more inclined to configuration has scientific and technological strength of the industry small giant.Here are some “waist stocks” from fund managers’ 2021 annual reports.In addition, in its managed fund holdings also include other coal stocks, such as in addition to resource stocks, financial stocks are also the previous “public offering elder brother” “waist stocks” into Hong Kong stocks zhou Weiwen management of the New Blue chip “waist stocks” including Zhou Weiwen said that the future will follow the “good industry Alpha,Distressed reversal industry select Beta” mainline looking for investment opportunities.Specifically, the China-Europe new blue Chip will focus on two types of investment opportunities: first, the industries with a continuous boom in the years to come, such as new energy, photovoltaic and military industries.The valuation of most of these industries is expensive, but the fundamentals of the segment will appear differentiation, the fund will consider the selection of positive changes in the fundamentals of the segment allocation.The second category is distressed reversal industries.Stock prices in these industries are low and there is uncertainty in the short term, but in two years or so, there is a high probability that business will return to normal, even better than in the boom years in history.Zhou weiwen focuses on the reversal of the plight of industries including aquaculture, catering and tourism, media, real estate, he said he plans to dynamically adjust the allocation of these sectors based on the future profit growth rate and valuation of related industries.In addition, from this year since the good performance of the fund, in addition to the performance of heavy warehouse shares, “waist shares” contribution is inseparable.Therefore, if you want to see the annual report now holding any meaning, then “waist” is a good reason.This article is from Wind Information

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