Tiger infestation?It is time to put aside short term interests and stop short sighted actions to help India develop

Although India is still lagging behind, its progress in the last decade or so is there for all to see.India’s GDP is now the fifth largest economy in the world, and its annual growth rate is also high in recent years.Although It is true that India has many shortcomings and raqua’s level is often ridiculed, we should also be sober and alert to face the reality that India’s technological level, manufacturing capacity and organizational capacity have indeed been greatly improved in recent years.In terms of defense industry, India has now mastered the r&d and manufacturing capabilities of nuclear bombs, short medium to long range intercontinental ballistic missiles, space launches, nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, trainers, fighter jets, transport helicopters, attack helicopters, tanks, rocket launchers and many other categories of weapons.Although still at a low level, this level exceeds about 70 percent of the world’s countries, and has mastered more categories of threshold, which is worth our great attention.On civilian goods manufacturing, given India tacit western pharmaceutical companies in India for human medicine in medical tests, not protect drug patents strong imitation production in India, the west and western pharmaceutical companies are also chose the acquiescence, India does not require patent low finished product production and export of drugs and drug ingredients to grab a bigger share of the world.India’s textile exports are also increasing year by year.Motorcycles and tractors made in India have outsold and outsold Chinese manufacturers for years, and are also inexpensive.At the same time, The fact that India can now mass assemble low, medium and high grades of mobile phones, including iphones, suggests that at least some Indian workers can do the delicate work.And the fact that Tesla electric cars from the US are also being considered for a factory in India is further evidence that at least some Indian workers can do demanding work.And, there is another key point, the West now wants to give India a chance, wants to support India against China, and India is willing to accept, India is trying.To know that India has a population of 1.3 billion, although according to you said India’s 1.3 billion population of 100 million people, but even the crowd can be suitable for industrialized production base is also a big base, plus India is not a small land area, if will be ready to keep sustainable development in India going bigger competition, and even the whole industry,These are circumstances that we cannot ignore.You know, India is a country that gives everything for the best, but doesn’t know how to do it, but tries to bite back!It seems that many relevant units and enterprises in China are not aware of this idiom.Our organizations and businesses have helped the tiger grow over the years.Over the years, we have helped India build and develop many fertilizer plants, power plants, steel plants as well as textile products processing and trade and Indian pharmaceuticals, which are the foundation of agriculture and industry.With this, India has a foundation to build on.Isn’t that where we started?From nothing, 30 years later our economy is bigger than the EU put together, and we have the power to overtake the US soon.First of all, why help?India pays us and we do things. Isn’t that business?Of course, this is business, but in the name of business, what we are really doing is helping India develop and develop with good prices, high risk investments, high quality resources.After all, if we do not provide these construction and trade to India, India will have to seek cooperation from other countries and companies internationally, but the price and schedule will be at least 1/3 more than ours.That is to say, as long as our country does not help India, India’s development will be slowed down or weakened by at least one third. In many cases, time and scale are opportunities, and this is not a small number.This can hinder either quantitative change or qualitative change in India, which is of great benefit to our national security and development.At the very least, a country that might be in full competition with ours would be crushed in the bud.We helped India build fertilizer plants so that more of its population could be fed and India could export more agricultural products.With fertilizer, food production increases dramatically, India exports more agricultural products, both Indian landowners and sharecroppers earn more, and farmers, India’s main source of population, can receive more education.With fertilizer, food production increased dramatically, giving well-fed farmers the energy to do more work and the money to buy more tools, while the need for fewer people to farm the land provided India with a more educated workforce for industrial production.We helped India build power plants, which power industry.India has enough electricity to make mobile phone and power plants, hardware and car factories, clothes and pharmaceuticals, steel and shipyards, and so on.We helped India build steel mills, the raw materials of industry.If India has enough steel production capacity, then India’s raw materials will have basic security.The foundation of Indian industry and infrastructure will be there.At present, India has been the world’s second largest steel country, China not only helped India to develop the steel manufacturing industry, also became the main importer of Indian steel products, from 2017 to 2020, China’s steel products imported from India increased 2743℅.In 2020, about 65 percent of India’s crude steel and 25 percent of its finished steel exports went to China.At the same time, along with the improvement of India’s steel industry, the steel industry’s ancillary products, India’s oxygen exports are also increasing proportion.We have also helped India develop its textile processing and trade, and its pharmaceutical industry, which has helped to solve the employment and income problems of a large proportion of Indians.To know India’s textile products processing and trade, as well as India’s pharmaceutical industry, for its support but China’s textile semi-finished products and raw materials, intermediates to India’s supply.Therefore, whether it is to earn a little money, to save energy and to protect the environment, or to think that they are friendly and influence, the help to India is just some short-sighted tiger breeding.It would be better to spend some time and energy shifting and dispersing to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Cambodia etc than to fall on India!

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