The authoritative interpretation | out study practice arrangement in progressive “road traffic safety violations scorecard management method” series

The newly formulated measures for the Administration of Scoring Road Traffic Safety Violations will come into force on April 1, 2022.After the implementation of the new rules, motor vehicle drivers who score 12 points once or for many times in a scoring cycle will be graded with full marks.Considering that the more times motor vehicle drivers record 12 points in a scoring cycle or the higher the scoring value, the more prominent the hidden danger of safe driving, the more need to strengthen education and guidance, strict examination requirements.In order to eliminate safety risks and educate and guide motor vehicle drivers with full marks to drive safely and civilly, different learning and examination requirements of full marks are determined according to different types of motor vehicle drivers’ quasi-driving types and The Times of participating in full marks education or the multiple of accumulated score reaching 12 points within a scoring period.

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