Suspected baiC new MPV exposure, looks like trumpchi M8, temperament close to Elfa

Domestic brands have good performance over the years, Beijing is also not old brand, but suffer from does not stick to it, as early as 50 years ago has developed 212 suvs, but there has been no innovation in the process of production, this is inevitable to eliminate by the history, after all is not the same as the market, 50 years ago could you buy a car just need sex is strong,But the progress of The Times so that the car has become a necessary product, perhaps it did not keep pace with the pace of The Times, but in this new era of automobile, BaiC seems unwilling to become the tide of The Times, to rally, launched a lot of new car pay, among which the most concerned is still this MPV.Said the concept of MPV, actually it is just needed, after all, after the three policy open, many families travel demand gradually increased, the required space also becomes more and more big, the SUV models has been difficult to meet, and MPV in domestic scene, not only is in line with the business travel to use, not only of it, and more improved in interior style,Can also become a timely office, BaiC also seems to see this market, hoping to take this as a breakthrough, to drive the influence of the brand.With the change and development of The Times, the old BaiC has been different from the present BaiC Group, has long been without the atmosphere of the cross-country family, li Li now Beijing Automobile Factory has been favored by the capital, in the research performance has improved a lot of grades.And the MPV it launched this time is not just home for the scene, more commercial, exposure of the official figure can be seen in order to make the body become more personalized, but also specially added a two-color coating version, and has a luxury wheel, really let this model body to the luxury lineup.Many people think this model until after will have change, but in accordance with the present situation, the design of this model is the basic qualitative, before the face of big mouth straight waterfall grille, looks very aura, as a commercial models really meet, also joined the side door on the function structure, also accord with the ceremony of owners or feeling,Although this is the style of many MPVS.As for the interior style is also dedicated to join the luxury sedan, actually in the previous MPV models after exposure, interior is really difficult to mesh, may for the style of new products, auto makers and always have no way to do all the design perfect, but fortunately this time and before long, a lot of MPV models are joined the luxury sedan design feeling,Although the business car is not necessarily the boss himself, but at least let the driver can feel that sense of shock is also a good thing, the BAIC MPV joined its own style, the large screen display of the double screen, gearbox shift lever is also a side of the central console, so that driving becomes more convenient.The most striking and baic MPV or on the choice of seats become more humanized, according to the news, it will provide 2, 5, 7, and even nine version, with the commercial version provided before completely different, commercial vehicles, after all, also do not need to use nine scenarios, baic is doing the second string to his bow,Once the commercial scene can not keep up with, at least it can meet some consumers in the home scene, do not waste their hard work to launch this model, good recruitment ah!The chariot called the beast and said:Although integral style, this new model of MPV baic is meet everyone’s expectations, and indeed a bit from the appearance is similar to the kei M8, temperament is approaching to the el method, as two well-known MPV models, baic this is prior to imitate, and then continue to innovation, for the precipitation of it is also a good direction, after all want to be in this era,Only come up with a good product first, but now there are too many models on the market to meet consumers, BaiC is also trying its best to innovate, trying to blossom through the cracks, indeed, I believe baiC will be able to reproduce its former glory in time, what do you think?

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