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Today questions 1. According to the regulations of the state security law of the People’s Republic of China, the state security work shall adhere to the overall national security concept, for the purpose of (), with political and security as a fundamental, on the basis of economic security, military, culture, social security to protect, in order to promote the international security, maintaining national security, in the construction of national security system,Follow the path of national security with Chinese characteristics.According to the Biosafety Law of the People’s Republic of China, biosafety is an important part of national security.To maintain biosafety, we should implement (), coordinate development and safety, and adhere to the principles of people-oriented, risk prevention, classified management and coordination.According to the Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China, the term “data” in this Law refers to any electronic or other means of recording ().According to the Provisions of the Nuclear Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, nuclear undertakings must follow the guidelines of ().Nuclear safety work must adhere to the principles of safety first, prevention first, clear responsibilities, strict management, in-depth defense, independent supervision and comprehensive guarantee.B. a. ensure safe reliable 5. According to the “network security law of the People’s Republic of China” regulation, the state shall take measures to monitor, defense and disposal from inside and outside of the network security of the People’s Republic of China (), to protect critical information infrastructures from attack, invasion, the interference and damage, punishing network illegal and criminal activities in accordance with the law,Maintaining security and order in cyberspace.A. Attack and Sabotage B. Risk and Threat Knowledge ContestApril 15 this year is The seventh National Security Education Day in China. In order to promote the in-depth publicity and education of national security and rule of law, and enhance the national security awareness and rule of law awareness, China’s wechat public account will hold special answering activities for “April 15” National Security Education Day from April 1 to 30., activity time 30 April 1 solstice (a total of 30 days), activity platform China the franco-prussian WeChat public number, each place the franco-prussian WeChat three public number matrix, content of the state security law of the People’s Republic of China, the nuclear safety law of the People’s Republic of China law of the People’s Republic of China on the anti-terrorism act the espionage act of the People’s Republic of China, the network of the People’s Republic of ChinaSecurity Law, Biosafety Law of the People’s Republic of China, data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China.Individual prize: a total of 6000 people, the prize is 30 yuan mobile phone fee for each person.Five questions will be offered each day, and each person is limited to one answer per day.Every 10 days, each batch of 2000, divided into three batches, a total of 6000 individual winners.Total 5 days to answer all the questions of the day will be the batch of lottery qualification, answer system automatically statistics the number of answers and correct rate, random selection.If the unit organizes the answer voluntarily, you can let the participant fill in the unified password in the “unit” column. If you need relevant data, you can leave a message in the background, and we will give feedback according to the data of password statistics.Pay attention to the wechat official account of “China Law Popularization”, find “April 15 Contest with prizes” in the sub-menu of “Qi Participation” under the mobile phone and enter the answer page to answer the questions.Answer steps: Important reminder!!Please be sure to fill in the correct mobile phone number so as to get the prize to maintain national security everyone is responsible for forwarding together to win the prize bar.A woman did not take the initiative to report, deliberately conceal the trip, causing a serious risk of the spread of the epidemic!
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