15 days to reach the king 877 points!Nuguri recovered successfully. DK saved?

One of the big things about LCK transfer in 2022 is the return of Nuguri, a former FPX player.As a former world champion singles player, Nuguri has received a number of professional offers since returning to LCK.Among them, there is no lack of T1, DK such a top team.But to Nuguri’s surprise, within three days of becoming a free man, Nuguri announces that he’s not feeling well and needs to be in rehab.As a result, Nuguri took a break, and the LCK saga over Nuguri ended.Interestingly, Nuguri’s absence didn’t actually affect LCK that much.If anything, it’s the DK team.Because Nuguri was pretty much a done deal in DK’s plan.However, due to Nuguri’s sudden announcement of his absence, DK ends up being able to only train new recruits on the board.Unfortunately, from the overall performance of DK this season, they have lost the “dominance” of the previous two years in LCK, in the case of T1 and GEN, DK has almost become the “third” of LCK this season.At the same time, let DK more heart, T1 this team is also in the new season to start the new single, but T1 new single is very competitive.While the LCK spring playoffs are in full swing, not many people are expecting DK to win the championship, or even make it to the finals.In this case, the Nuguri player might be back on DK’s list if he wants to regain his “dominance” at LCK.The interesting thing is that many of you know that Nuguri has been preparing for his comeback since he started crazy Rank in Hanbok.And judging by the way The Nuguri has been qualifying recently, it has to be said that the former top-ranked player has made a pretty good recovery.Because his latest hanbok qualifying record shows Nuguri has made a successful recovery by topping the King’s 877 points in just 15 days.Of course, although Rank is not tied to a match, Nuguri was one of LCK’s top players, and given his youth, it is possible to get up to speed in a match in a short time.In the meantime, if Nuguri does make a comeback for the summer, the DK team will definitely be on Nuguri’s mind.On the one hand, Nuguri came from DK and is familiar with Canyon and ShowMaker.On the other hand, the way DK has played this season, they really need a stand-up player.Finally, if Nuguri does come back and join DK, maybe DK will be able to rise again in the summer.What do you think, guys?

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