In women’s individual standard ski jumping, Slovenia’s “Two Shu” won one gold and one bronze

The national Ski jumping Center (also known as “Snow ruyi”) in Zhangjiakou has won its first gold medal!Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, on the evening of December 5 in individual standard sets of women’s ski jumping, Slovenia’s ur, Dan bo, and Nina, kerry has took the champion and runner-up, show strong team strength, the German player’s catalina al house has won a silver medal, the Chinese contestants eless and Peng Qingyue in round 1 ranked 31st and 38th, sorry for the final.Women’s individual standard platform is divided into two rounds to decide the gold medal, the first round of the top 30 to advance to the final round.China started ski jumping late, and it is a breakthrough to get a lot of seats.Dong bing, who was born in 1996, finished second in the 2021-2022 IAF Ski Jumping Intercontinental Cup women’s individual standard in the “Meet me in Beijing” test series, but competition at the Winter Olympics is much tighter than before.Dong bing jumped 73 meters in the first round and scored 57.3 points to finish 31st, missing the final round by only one place.Another Chinese, Peng Qingyue, jumped 63.5 meters and placed 38th, also missing the final round.In the final round, each competitor outperformed the last, but the battle for MEDALS centered on the last few contestants.Slovenia team in this event to form a group advantage, the first round of the three players ranked second, third, fourth, and the second round, Bogathai played better, won 121.0 points, jumped to the first.Germany’s Altenhaus jumped 94 meters to win the silver medal despite failing to defend his first-round lead.Slovenia’s Nica Kritzner won the bronze medal ahead of Japan’s Takasharo.The qualification of men’s individual standard platform of ski jumping also ended in “Xueruyi” earlier, the Chinese men’s athlete appeared in the Winter Olympics for the first time in 16 years, but the performance of Song Qiwu was not good.The wind was a little strong at the competition site, so Song Qiwu waited patiently for the green light to turn on. As instructed by the coach, Song Qiwu lowered his center of gravity and jumped high. However, due to his lack of fine technique in the jump, his sliding distance was only 61.5 meters.In the end, Song qiwu scored 24.3 points, ranking 53rd and missed the final.Editor: Mu Qing Source: Golden Sheep network

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