“I was lucky to play with my idol. I was able to witness his greatness

Today the lakers’ heavy eyebrows is back, and he came back after the lakers to welcome him with a win, although he in the game play is very general, but heavy eyebrows state as long as it doesn’t hurt to be able to find this level of players is just a matter of time, after the game when he fought on and James also gave his opinion.Heavy eyebrows when talking about James said “I am his fans, to be honest with idol play is really a lucky, I saw him on the sidelines before playing like fans marvel at his dunk was so awesome, he is still able to dunk on large wind turbines, anyway I am still obsessed with such action, I love lebron James,We’re here to play for the Lakers, and we’re here to play for Kobe, and I get to see lebron’s greatness, and he gets to see me grow, and EVERY day I have to remind myself to learn from Lebron, and every day I have to push myself to win again for my brother Kobe.”Heavy eyebrows since joining the lakers, although he questioned by the fans, but the strength is brought to a championship for the lakers, but I hope he can some self-discipline, and put his body to control the less as far as possible to stay up late to eat less Fried food, as the lakers sluice interior defense, once he fell, then the lakers’ defense is like paper.As long as the big three stay healthy, no team will want to face them in the postseason. Last season’s Clippers were an example of a team that would rather lose than face the lakers in a series.

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