Hong Kong stocks in the Year of the Tiger!A share opening countdown three plate is expected to tiger tiger

The 21st Century Economic News reporter Li Yu shenzhen reported that A shares will soon usher in the first trading day of the Year of Yin tiger.On February 4th, Hong Kong stocks were the first to celebrate the opening of the Year of the Tiger.At the close, the Hang Seng index was up 3.24% at 24,573.29;The soE index rose 2.81 percent and the red chip index rose 2.40 percent.On that day, new energy vehicle stocks rose among the top, among which ideal Automobile rose 12.58%, Xiaopeng Automobile rose more than 11%, BYD shares rose more than 7%.Meanwhile, a number of tech stocks also posted gains, including JD.com Health up 5.93 percent, Ali Health up 5.66 percent, Bilibili up 5.61 percent and Meituan up 3.28 percent.Hong Kong stocks outstanding performance to investors on the opening of the a-share market full of expectations.Industrial Securities strategy chief Zhang Qiyao believes that after the holiday, with the gradual easing of risks at home and abroad, policy easing continued to fall to the ground, the stock game pattern gradually improved, hot track congestion fell to low below, the market will usher in a “good start”.”In the weak shock environment, the Spring Festival market can be expected.”Yu Dingheng, chairman of Yihu Investment, said the spring restlessness in the first half of 2022 was more due to cross-cyclical adjustment of monetary policy and improved liquidity.What are the prospects for A shares in the year of the Tiger?Since the beginning of 2022, the performance of global stock markets has turned sharply downward. The Shanghai Composite Index dropped 161 points, or more than 4.5%, in the last five trading days of the year of the Ox.China Merchants Securities believes that at the beginning of last year and the beginning of this year, the stock market has appeared obvious adjustment, adjustment is characterized by a significant rise in the early track fell significantly, the market stage to low valuation plate layout.From the market adjustment reasons, there are two factors, one is the hot track valuation is higher, trading crowded;Second, the 10-year US bond yield rose, the US stock market plunged, leading to the a-share adjustment.But this correction is mainly due to concerns about economic fundamentals and a lack of sectors that offer better value for money.For the trend of A shares in the Year of the Tiger, CICC said that overseas stock markets during the festival as A whole stable, some rebound, Hong Kong stocks rebound leading, the Chinese market during the festival news overall smooth.Cicc expects that the post-holiday market sentiment will improve compared to before the holiday, and the “steady growth” policy will continue to exert force, and the market trend will gradually improve.In the latest quarterly report, Zhou Weiwen, manager of 10 billion fund of China Europe Fund, believes that the A-share market has structural opportunities in the coming year, considering three major factors: economy, capital and stock market valuation.Zhou believed that the probability of global epidemic recovery is increasing and the macro economy will maintain certain growth.China’s growth rate is slowly slowing due to new property starts, a possible gradual resumption of foreign supply chains and destocking.Corresponding to the economic growth trend, the low interest rate environment abroad will change, prices will rise, and the Federal Reserve will withdraw liquidity in the future.China has been proactive in dealing with the epidemic. The central bank’s policy is more forward-looking. Against the backdrop of low macroeconomic growth expectations, the monetary policy will be relatively loose, which will help reduce the volatility of the stock market.At present, after two years of structural bull market, the overall valuation of A shares is not low, there are some structural bubbles, there are also reasonable or undervalued sectors, and there are structural opportunities.Institutions are optimistic about the three plates for the future concern of the plate, CICC said that the middle and downstream manufacturing and consumption, this year is looking for growth opportunities and the focus of excess returns.The first is to focus on marginal policy changes or potential support areas, mainly including infrastructure, real estate industry chain related to stable demand (construction, building materials, home appliances, home furnishing, etc.) and securities companies.Second is to focus on the 2021 has been adjusted, valuation is not high, medium and long-term prospects remain bright in the middle and lower reaches of the consumer sector, bottom-up stock selection, gains manufacturing growth plate, last year, including new energy vehicles, new energy and technology hardware such as semiconductor, share price has been adjusted, holidays, there may be short-term rebound, but the overall is still in the gradual consolidation stage.”The spring market is late, not absent.”Haitong Securities believes that compared with the beginning of 2008, 2011 and 2018, the current stock market valuation is low and the policy is loose. This year is not a bear market, but more likely to be a rest year in the bull market, which is a shock market.Stable growth spring markets tend to grow after value, such as undervalued financial real estate, high boom hard technology (new infrastructure).Yihu investment Yu Dingheng is mainly optimistic about these three directions: one is the core driving force from the end of the market at the stage of the credit end of the stabilization, see more valuation repair.On the one hand, the completion chain of real estate, for example, the post-consumption end of the real estate industry chain benefits from the logic of the marginal repair of real estate plate and its own growth; on the other hand, the increase of market share, category innovation and medical consumption of valuation repair.Second, credit gradually wider, style balance partial value.The star track that rose too much in the early stage faces downward pressure, and capital is expected to spill over to the value plate with low valuation, gradually forming the style balance of the market.Third, differentiated selection under the balance of market style can look for structural opportunities, such as differentiation within emerging industries.Future market is more optimistic about photovoltaic, electric vehicle vehicle, spare parts and other segments.For more information, please download the 21 Finance APP

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