Do you know what lipstick is made of?

Lipstick, as a magic weapon to save make-up, was made of sheep sweat, human saliva, crocodile feces and other materials in ancient Greece. Isn’t it shocking?Long ago, Cleopatra was said to be a fan of rouge lipstick, which was made from the dried shells of cochineal insects.Going back to ancient China, lipstick was called “lip grease” and “mouth grease”.It was not until the Tang Dynasty that tubular lipsticks appeared, with rich colors and blooming lip styles.At that time, lipsticks were made from spices, wine, beef bone marrow, cinnabar and green oil.Now lipstick is more and more diverse, lipstick color is too many to talk about three days and three nights.So what are lipsticks made of today?What is lipstick made of today?With the update of technology and the diversification of demand, most of the lipstick now is made of matrix raw materials (grease), auxiliary raw materials (coloring agent), and functional raw materials (hyaluronic acid, etc.).Matrix materials Matrix materials are mostly oils, waxes, softeners and the like.Ingredients such as cocoa butter, blubber, castor oil microcrystalline wax, carnauba wax, and ground wax are common.These ingredients give the lipstick a nice shape, hold its shape, and allow the color to stick to the lips.Auxiliary raw materials auxiliary raw materials are generally colorants, preservatives, spices and the like, used for lipstick color, preservation, increase fragrance and improve the sense of use.Like colorants, the most common lipsticks are organic synthetic pigments, inorganic pigments, natural pigments, pearlescent pigments and heavy metal colors.Preservatives commonly used are hydroxybenzoates, which are a bit harsh.Spices are often used to mask the smell of other ingredients, or blended into various flavors to increase lipstick’s selling point.Functional ingredients Lipsticks also add functional ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and tocopherol, to moisturize, but these ingredients generally don’t account for much.It can be seen that the production of modern lipstick is more about chemical composition in raw materials.The manufacturing process and environment are also cleaner than before.Although compared with the past, there is no use of “sheep sweat”, “spit” these strange materials, but the heavy metal elements and preservatives in the colorant, it is absolutely safe?Eat lipstick carelessly, can you be poisoned?If you accidentally eat lipstick, don’t panic.Because as long as the heavy metal index in lipstick is up to standard, and not eat lipstick as a meal, eat occasionally, won’t cause harm to the body.Take heavy metals and preservatives.In fact, the lipstick matrix raw materials rarely contain heavy metal elements, and there is indeed a risk of heavy metal pollution in the colorant.But lipstick people are not stupid, dare to sell hundreds of dollars of lipstick, if really added a lot of heavy metals will be toxic, who will buy?The same goes for cheap lipstick.Why?Because our country has strict regulations on the content of heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium, etc.) in colorants.For example, in 2019, shenzhen Municipal Consumers’ Council conducted a comparative test of lipsticks, and the results showed that all the heavy metal indexes in the lipsticks were up to standard.In this comparative test, the degree of heavy metal toxicity was assessed according to “a lipstick 3.5g, the highest detected value of mercury 0.03mg/kg.”If the whole lipstick is eaten and all the heavy metals are absorbed into the blood, about 12,857 lipsticks would need to be consumed to cause mild mercury poisoning.So if you eat a little lipstick once in a while, it won’t make a big difference.When it comes to preservatives, forget about the “stale” color. Preservatives play an important role in lipstick.Preservatives can inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the preservation process of lipstick.Just bought a new lipstick, can you use it all at once?And can’t.In real life, few people can completely use up a lipstick. After all, the best one is always the next one.If you have a “new love”, you may forget your “old love”, otherwise there would be so many expired lipsticks.Without a certain amount of preservatives in lipstick, how many bacteria can grow after repeated use, and how dare you put it on your mouth?Lipstick may be worn out before it reaches its sell-by date.And regular lipstick added preservatives, must conform to the state allowed to add preservatives in the list.Want the lipstick of normal manufacturer only so, it is ok to be at ease with.After all, the lipstick raw materials used by formal manufacturers must achieve “food-grade” safety.What’s the difference between a brand-name lipstick and an affordable one?Big brand lipstick and cheap lipstick, from the raw materials, as long as they are regular brands, in the use of raw materials, for most people the difference is not big.But use feeling in a few, security, excitant go up to differ somewhat.Go up in use feeling, this bit big card can compare a bit better really.From the texture, moisture, makeup effect, paste smoothness and other aspects, the processing technology and experience of the big brand is relatively rich, and the audience base is relatively large, user feedback is more, more timely improvement, update.It is not to say that affordable lipsticks are not good in this aspect, but some affordable lipsticks are excellent in the sense of use. It depends more on individual needs.On safety and irritant, big card can be in the selection of technology, raw materials, composition compatibility will pay more attention to a few, especially the problem of safety.There is a certain brand premium in big-brand lipstick.Are you saying that all the big brands are perfect in every way?Well, it’s not. It’s mostly about branding, because big brands are more willing to spend money on publicity.So big brands and affordable lipstick, each have their own advantages, choose the most appropriate for their own good.Lip inflammation, pregnant women, children as far as possible do not use, lip inflammation players do not use lipstick, some ingredients in lipstick may cause allergies, easy to aggravate symptoms.Pregnant women and children should also avoid using lipstick, and if they must, opt for lead-free lipsticks, as fetuses and children are more likely to absorb lead.If you have a lot of lipstick, pay attention to the deterioration of the glaze, because you can’t use the whole lipstick, once you notice the color, texture, smell changes, even before the expiration date, do not use it.Buy lipstick from a legitimate brand.Don’t buy three no products or make your own lipstick.This product is not produced under the supervision of the state, does not comply with the provisions of the “cosmetic hygiene standards”, in raw materials, operation, corrosion protection are not guaranteed, the use of this product will increase the risk of suffering from cheilitis.

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