Cut the price of 27,000, naked car less than 60,000 joint venture car Santana: 1.5L engine, fuel consumption of 5.6 liters

Speaking of sales god car, I believe that many car friends will say that Volkswagen Lavida, but in fact, before the Volkswagen Lavida, the most popular domestic car friends love is Santana.In snail GG childhood, heard who bought a Santana 2000, feel his family rich when the “boss”, which shows santana’s status how “cattle”.Volkswagen Santana is positioned as a compact family car, which is one of Volkswagen’s earliest models to enter China. With a history of more than 20 years, it can be said to be the “national god car”. It is favored by many car owners for its solid, durable and cost-effective characteristics.The car is cash “Santana”, 2021 1.5L manual fashion edition, after the discount, the naked car price is less than 60,000 yuan (naked car price 59,900 yuan), plus the purchase tax and insurance, the landing of just over 70,000 yuan.Compared with the guide price of 86,900 yuan, the santana is very suitable for families with small car budgets.And in terms of quality, Santana this car performance is also very good, so far on the road to see the old Santana 2000 figure, visible its real leather, durable quality is much stronger.Volkswagen’s model appearance, basically need not say much, the front face of the doll design, the use of Volkswagen’s traditional design language, although the style of the mean, appearance level is not high, but very in line with the simple, generous ordinary family.The side of the body uses a straight waist line, and the tail uses the outline of many lines, looking three-dimensional.The interior is covered in plastic, and the workmanship and materials are relatively ordinary, with little texture, but it is very good for the price of this car.For power, the Santana is powered by a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with 112Ps horsepower and 145N·m torque, matched to a five-speed manual transmission.Although not as convenient as automatic transmission driving, but the advantages of manual transmission is durable, fuel economy (100 km comprehensive fuel consumption in 5.6L or so), low failure rate, and driving, compared with automatic transmission, power output is more accurate.In terms of comfort, Santana adopts the former McPherson and post-compound non-independent suspension, which is moderate in factory adjustment and excellent in support, and performs quite well in the joint venture models of the same level.In general, although Volkswagen Santana is not as popular as before, as an entry-level family model, with a low price, the current sales performance is relatively good, reaching more than 7000 units in February.Performance, Santana almost no short board, all aspects are more balanced.Do not want to say the disadvantage, that is the 1.5-L engine a little meat, especially under the condition of full load uphill, feel the car is a little laborious.Appropriate car electricity business, for you to solve the choice of car, car, car, vehicle preferential price, land price and other car problems, if there is doubt, but private letter or comment area consultation snail GG, after seeing will be in the first time reply!Buy a car to need help but private letter reply “pit prevention guide”, take car pit prevention manual

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