Beihai is not only the sea, there are flowers blooming in March, and the beautiful mood of the city

Every March, beihai flowers bloom in full bloom.Among the flowers, one flower stands out for its bright color and size: the yellow wind suzuki.At this time, the city of Beihai seemed to be covered with golden armour.People living in beihai, a tourist city, can see the shape of yellow wind suzuki everywhere.Some dotted in the road, some into a flower forest, the formation of the golden sea of flowers.In the garden of residential area, side road, everywhere can see citizens and visitors singing and dancing under the trees, playing Musical Instruments figure, yellow wind suzuki dress up people’s good life.The flowering period of the yellow wind suzuki is 10 days under the breeze, the yellow wind bells are crumbling, falling down, in a very short time, covered the lawn and road under the tree.Walking on such a road, just like walking in the golden avenue, covered with yellow flowers like a bed of golden velvet, must take a beautiful photo oh!Fallen flowers are much loved by the citizens. Many residents are seen weaving fallen flowers into crowns and wearing them on their heads, or weaving them into bouquets.Children use these petals and red kapok and purple bauhinia flowers to make various patterns and words.The flower language of yellow flower wind suzuki is “thank you”, the flower language of kapok is “hero”, the people who enjoy the good life are refueling for the motherland with flowers all over the city, thanks to the anti-epidemic hero!Cherish the hard-won good life!You can choose to come to Beihai in March. This season is neither hot nor cold, with flowers blooming like flowers, just like coming to a paradise outside. Your mood will be particularly beautiful, and the pressure from life and work will be released.I am Dy big bird flying ah flying, more beihai content can pay attention to my video collection “Beihai Album”.If for various reasons, your trip to beihai has not started, you can first follow my lens and words, together with the Beihai tour.You are lucky to know me;It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.

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