Baiyin Municipal Public Security Bureau held the sixth “Longjian 1” special action promotion meeting

On April 3, 2022, Baiyin Municipal Public Security Bureau organized the sixth special action promotion meeting of “Longjian no. 1”. Tang Sheng, Deputy Mayor, Party Secretary and Director of Baiyin Municipal Public Security Bureau attended the meeting and made a speech.Tang sheng pointed out that under the joint efforts of the city’s economic investigation police and relevant police departments, the “Longjian 1” special operation has made some progress and achieved some results, but there are still problems of progress, did not reach the goal of going forward together and blossoming comprehensively.Tang sheng demanded that we should change our thinking, break the deadlock, let the data speak for themselves, rely on the data to show achievements, and win the hard battle with great strength and momentum.First, we should further improve our ideological understanding.The main leaders and leaders in charge of the economic investigation departments of the municipal public security organs, especially the county branches, should have a sense of urgency, dare to win and have the confidence and determination to move forward. They should resolutely shoulder their responsibilities and make full efforts to directly coordinate and command, deploy and dispatch, take the initiative to promote key work and solve major problems.To ensure the unity of thought and action in the decision-making and deployment of provincial and municipal party committees, with the best conditions, the highest standards, the most stringent requirements, the hardest measures, to fight the battle, and achieve excellent results.Second, we need to reinvigorate our efforts on a sustained basis.We should pay attention to tactics and methods, adopt all means and spare no effort to strengthen cooperation, act quickly and focus on breakthroughs, maximize the investigation of cases, recover stolen assets and reduce losses, assist in the collection of quality and efficiency, and strive to achieve faster and more results.Third, we need to strengthen communication and coordination.We should take the initiative to strengthen the communication and docking with relevant departments such as procuratorial and legal organs, actively invite guidance to handle cases, timely organize joint consultations on difficult and complex problems, unify our thinking and understanding, and ensure that the quality of case investigation is excellent and can stand the test of law and history.Fourth, we need to rely on the pressure of responsibility again.To take action as the best position to carry out as the most powerful response, to come up with dare to “chew to crack”, “wade rapids” courage, work overtime to crucial, for every job should be under the foot very kung fu, the biggest effort, strive for the best effect, maintain target go the whole hog, don’t give up, to reach the goal not working is not retreat.Yue Cheng, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of The Public Security Bureau of Baiyin City, presided over the meeting, and the city’s first quarter “Longjian 1” special action made a notice, put forward to grasp progress, grasp the focus, grasp the effectiveness of the specific requirements.At the meeting, economic investigation detachment, criminal investigation detachment and county branch chiefs reported the first quarter of special operations and clues check.Meetings are held by video at the county level.The meeting was attended by leaders of member units of baiyin City’s “Longjian no. 1” special action, sub-bureau directors of each county, deputy directors in charge of economic investigation, and all economic investigation police.Original title: “Baiyin Public Security Bureau held the sixth” Longjian no. 1 “Special Action Promotion Meeting”

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