Wang Peixuan: To the new goal, sprint

As we bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new, we all send our best wishes for the New Year.Wang peixuan, who was born in Jinghe New Town in Xi Xian and studied at Xi ‘an University of Sport, has a dream of his own: to compete for a medal at the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.At the age of 11, wang Peixuan was selected to the Javelin Team of Shaanxi Youth Sports School. Li Dongfeng, the head coach at that time, said: “Wang Peixuan is not only physically outstanding, but also smart and studious, and works hard in training.More importantly, she is strict with herself. She always makes detailed plans and goals for herself in training and before competitions, and then works hard to complete the plans and achieve the goals.”At a young age, Wang Peixuan set herself the goal of pursuing further study in a university and winning honor for her country by being selected to the national team. With her efforts and opportunities, she realized her goals one by one.In 2015, in order to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China planned to set up a number of national teams in winter sports, including bobsled team, and selected talents through a wide range of cross-field, cross-sport and cross-season methods. Wang Peixuan, 15, was selected into China’s first national training team of women’s bobsled.From winning the gold medal in the National Bobsled Championship in 2017 to being officially selected to the national team in 2018;From winning the gold medal of women’s single and team in the 14th National Winter Games, to standing out in the international arena and qualifying for the Olympic Games;From 2018 as the provincial Games torch collector, to appear in 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage singing a song “Burning Snow”……Wang peixuan’s journey to fulfill her dream may seem smooth sailing, but her family knows all too well the difficulties in the process.”It is not easy to be a professional athlete, but it is even harder for me to work for the national team. In addition to the years of uninterrupted high-intensity training, I have to fly to different countries to participate in training camps and points competitions.Pei Xuan suffered a broken bone while training in Germany last year, but the boy gritted his teeth to earn points for the Winter Olympics.!”According to his father, Wang Long, the last time his daughter took a family vacation was last February. “She was so busy preparing for the Olympic Games that she only stayed at home for three days before returning to the training team.”On January 10, 2022, wang Peixuan won the qualification of women’s single luge and team relay. The two competitions will be staged on February 7 and 8 (women’s single) and February 10 (team relay) respectively.Wang Peixuan, who is undergoing closed-loop management in Beijing and insists on training and preparing for the Winter Olympics, has set a new goal of “giving full play to his technical level and keeping a good mentality to attack for MEDALS in the Winter Olympics”.In the high speed, circling round the Olympic sled track, shaanxi girl sprint can achieve the goal again?Let’s watch her race and cheer for her!Article/Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Jin Pengtu/shaanxi Winter Sports Management Center provided

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