There are six famous dishes in Xinxiang city, henan province. Each dish is the favorite of xinxiang people. How many dishes have you eaten?

Xinxiang’s six most famous dishes, each dish is xinxiang people love, how many dishes have you eaten?Xinxiang, a prefectural city in Henan Province, is an important central city in the northern Part of Henan Province. It is also the site of many important historical events, such as muye Battle, Zhang Liang’s assassination of Qin and Chenqiao Mutiny, which reflect the rise and fall of dynasties.There are many scenic spots in Xinxiang city, such as “natural oxygen bar” baligou scenic spot, “Taihang Pearl” reputation of Wanxian Mountain scenic spot, Jinghua Garden Scenic spot, and Jiulian Mountain scenic spot, etc., the scenery is pleasant.In addition, the food of Xinxiang city is also a lot of famous, today lean monkey and everyone to check the henan Xinxiang city the most famous 6 dishes, each dish is the love of new township people, see which few you have eaten?Roll jian roll jian is a traditional famous dish in Xinxiang, Henan Province. It is made of pork belly, eggs and other seasonings together, and then mixed with eggs and Gordon urox powder into pancakes, fried until golden brown, and steamed after being involved in the filling.It tastes fresh and refreshing, oily and not greasy, and it serves food and wine.Red braised mutton is a famous characteristic dish of Xinxiang City, Henan Province. It is made of mutton, red dates, medlar, hot sauce, pepper and other ingredients and spices together through the cooking method of red braised. The mutton tastes fresh and tender, and the soup is mellow.The selection of raw materials and the production process are very particular, including the size of the pig, the position of the meat, the shape and size of the cut, and the number of seasonings are very strict.Xinxiang Luoguju is famous for its soy sauce pork. Every foreign visitor to Xinxiang can’t help but taste a bowl of it.In fact, dried pot and fatty sausage can be found in many cuisines, but it is a very famous dish in Xinxiang.The dry pot made by xinxiang people is very bright red, strong and delicious, spicy and fragrant, and appetizers to meals.As early as the Qing Dynasty, The Caoji spiced beef in Xinxiang, Henan province was already famous. Its ingredients and recipe were handed down from ancestors, as well as the cooking method. The tender and fragrant beef is one of the necessary dishes for xinxiang people to serve guests with wine.Sima Huaifu Chicken is a famous dish in Xinxiang, Henan Province. Sima here refers to Sima Yi in The Three Kingdoms Period, and Huaifu refers to Huaiqing House.Legend has it that Sima Yi believed that chicken and yams cooked together could strengthen the body and bones, so the sima Huaifu chicken recipe was spread and became increasingly famous.The above are the 6 most famous dishes in Xinxiang. I have only tasted red braised mutton, but I have not tried the other dishes. I hope I can try them again when I go to Henan.Do you know any other famous dishes in Xinxiang city?Welcome to share with us.

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