The “martyr” who came back from the dead and was stripped of his first grade merit, cries in front of his tombstone 37 years later

There is a saying that we do not live in a peaceful time, we just live in a peaceful country.The Chinese nation is a great nation tempered by fire. Today’s prosperous China has grown up after countless wars.In the 1970s, Vietnam, with the support of the Soviet Union, frequently provoked provocations along its border with China.The Central Military Commission promptly responded to this, and China’s counterattack against the Vietnamese self-defence war officially began.Since the beginning of the Vietnam War, our army has won a series of victories, and Vietnam has been losing ground.It only took one month for China to win the self-defence counterattack against Vietnam.A number of heroes also emerged in the counter-war of self-defense against Vietnam.Among them, “martyr” He Yuanhai is a special figure.He was designated a martyr, but later rose from the dead and was stripped of his first-class merit.Thirty-seven years later, He Yuanhai wept in front of his tombstone.He Yuanhai’s peaceful life on the battlefield did not come easily. The stable and prosperous development of today’s China is inseparable from the heroes who sacrificed their lives on the battlefield.In the 1970s, with The backing of the Soviet Union, Vietnam began to boast that it was “the world’s third military power”.Since then, Vietnam has been making provocations along the China-Vietnam border, injuring Chinese nationals and posing a serious threat to China’s territorial security.On February 17, 1979, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army launched a self-defensive counterattack against Vietnam, and our soldiers rushed to the battlefield.One of them is the “martyr” He Yuanhai, whose story is impressive in the war of self-defence against Vietnam.He Yuanhai, a native of Hubei Province, was born in a remote and poor mountain village in 1958.He Yuanhai’s life is very pitiful. His father died in his childhood, and there is also a mentally retarded brother at home. The whole family is supported by his mother alone.He Yuanhai understood his mother’s hardships from an early age, and he was determined to change the status quo of poverty and let his mother live a better life.He Yuanhai grew up stumbling, he grew up from a very poor life, work very strong.He yuanhai joined the People’s Liberation Army in 1978 at the age of 20 and became a glorious soldier.Although he is just an ordinary soldier, he Yuanhai is determined to make a difference.He takes every training seriously and is not afraid of hardship or fatigue.In the army, he Yuanhai’s performance is relatively good.Every time he yuanhai thought of his old mother and disabled brother at home, he dared not slack off in training.He had to make himself strong and good. He had to be someone his mother could depend on.With his excellent performance, He yuanhai became a shooter.At that time, China was not invaded by foreign enemies, but Vietnam frequently stirred up disputes along our border.Mr. He joined the army at a time of growing tensions along China’s border with Vietnam.In February 1979, the war of self-defence against Vietnam began, he Yuanhai troops received combat orders, but also went to the Battlefield in Vietnam.He Yuanhai went to the battlefield in this way, he was not afraid, he hoped to return home in triumph.The chances of going to war were few and far between in those peaceful times.He yuanhai felt nervous, but he knew his mission.When the “martyrs” rose from the dead, our military strength compared with Vietnam, there is still a great advantage.But on the battlefield, bullets are blind and the situation is always changing.At that time, the climatic conditions in Vietnam were a great test for our soldiers.In the initial stages of the counter-offensive against Vietnam, the PLA was unstoppable.Our soldiers all showed a brave and fearless posture, they looked death in the face, and the enemy launched a fierce battle.He yuanhai was in the Lang Son battle when his company was ordered to the front as reinforcements.But on the way, the company was suddenly ambushed by enemy troops.The enemy army was several times as numerous as ours.In this critical moment, the soldiers still tenaciously fought with the Vietnamese army.In the terrain, the Vietnamese army also had a great advantage over our army. Soon, the Vietnamese army surrounded He Yuanhai’s company in a narrow valley.Even so, our soldiers wanted to break out with all their might.He Yuanhai’s monitor is ready to lead the soldiers to fight their way out, but unfortunately, the monitor in the enemy several guns, sacrificed in the battlefield.At this time he Yuanhai still did not shrink back, he was not afraid of death, also want to fight to the end, outstanding encircling.In the melee, He ran out of bullets. He killed several of his enemies, but after an explosion, he fell.The enemy threw a grenade at him and he was blown out cold.As our reinforcements arrived, the enemy’s fire gradually weakened, but there were still men lurking in the shadows, ready to strike.At that time, our soldiers have determined he Yuanhai sacrifice, they are ready to sacrifice the remains of comrades are carried away.But at this time the enemy launched an attack, in panic, he Yuanhai’s “body” was left on the battlefield.Although his comrades failed to bring back his body, he has been treated as a martyr.After the end of the war of self-defence against Vietnam, the news of He yuanhai’s death in Vietnam spread to his hometown.The army gave he Yuanhai a cenotaph, in his hometown, he was also regarded as a “martyr”.As a result, he yuanhai’s mother and brother became relatives of martyrs, and the local government also offered condolences and help.Crying in front of his tombstone in China, he Yuanhai as a martyr, was remembered as a merit.In his hometown, he yuanhai’s mother was saddened to learn of his death.Village people all because he Yuanhai “martyr” identity, his family look at him differently.He yuanhai’s mother suffered the loss of her son, but she also became respected in the village.However, in Vietnam, when he Yuanhai woke up from a coma, he found himself surrounded by no comrades.The original he Yuanhai was captured by the Yue army.The Vietnamese army gave him simple medical treatment and saved him from death.Of course, the enemy also did this to get some military information from him.After being captured by the Vietnamese army, He Yuanhai suffered torture and ill-treatment.He fell into the hands of the enemy.At that time, he Yuanhai really wish he had been killed on the battlefield.He was put into a Prison camp in Vietnam, the dark life, so that he can not survive to die.As we all know, the war of self-defence against Vietnam ended in defeat. Finally, China and Vietnam reached an agreement to exchange prisoners of war.Under this opportunity, He Yuanhai was released and returned to China.Nor did He realize that his status at home had become a martyr.After verification, He yuanhai’s identity was proved.After he Yuanhai “resurrected from the dead”, his first-class merit was cancelled naturally, which was slightly lost in he Yuanhai’s heart, but since he is not a real “martyr”, it is understandable to return to normal.In this matter, He Yuanhai is innocent.During the war, he was treated as a martyr and ended up as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.After going through untold hardships to return to the motherland, he will become a living person from a “martyr”.Thirty-seven years later, He Yuanhai came to his tombstone and cried.In that long time, He yuanhai was questioned by many people, and his family went from being respected to being looked down upon.Over the years, He yuanhai has had mixed feelings about his resurrection from the dead as a “martyr,” but that doesn’t seem to be what people want to see.He was more respectable when he was a dead man.Conclusion: The victory of the counter-attack of self-defense against Vietnam not only taught Vietnam a lesson and paid a price for its provocative behavior, but also refreshed the world’s perception and attitude towards China.The Vietnam War showed the world that China was not a weak and weak country in the eyes of western powers, but a military power willing to defend its territorial sovereignty at all costs.The Chinese nation has never been a nation fearful of life and death, and the war of self-defense against Vietnam is of great historical significance to this day.It is inevitable that blood will be shed in war, and we all feel sorry for the martyrs who have died.On the battlefield, however, tensions can make mistakes.The soldier, Ho Yuen Hae, was once treated as a martyr, but in reality he was taken back to a prisoner-of-war camp by the Vietnamese army.When he had a chance to return to his homeland, he realized that he had been treated as a martyr.Later, he was cancelled the first-class merit, people questioned, 37 years later, he cried in front of his tombstone, very sad.

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