Song Yu asked the King of Chu by Chen Weiqu (New York)

Read “Song Yu Asked the King of Chu” By Chen Weiqu (New York)Once the lower liba people sing, and then planted with spring snow.Although gao Kun jump sun, the sky is not short feng flying.How can bird salamander with si, song lead the palace on tripod.About the author: Chen Weiqu, a native of Heshan, Guangdong, no. : Kun Shan Ke, Qi He Xuan, Reading broken Study.Living in New York.Like poetry, calligraphy.Presently for the Chinese American taking academy chief, the New York art academies, the executive vice President of New York and piano chess, vice President of the academy, sword light, vice President of the academy in the United States, New York “universal songs altar” poem 刋 deputy editor, the history of overseas Chinese editors, international painting and calligraphy artist association, vice President of the Hong Kong international famous poem calligraphy association, vice chairman.Member of Chinese Poetry Society and Global Chinese Poetry Association.

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