She went through three dynasties, two married emperors, talk about the story of Emperor Yang Guang and Lady Xuan Hua

In 604, Lady Xuan Hua hurried out of emperor Wen’s palace and ran directly into the arms of crown Prince Yang Guang. When they looked each other in the eye, Yang Guang snatched her into his arms.Suddenly, a door opened behind them and a woman came out. Yang guang was scared out of his wits.Xuanhua’s wife, Chen, was the younger sister of Emperor Chen (Chen Shubao’s story can be found on my homepage). After Emperor Yang Jian destroyed the Chen state and completed the unification of the North and south, she naturally became a member of Emperor Sui’s haidian.However, when Dugu empress was alive, Emperor Wen of Sui did not dare to pet Chen. Until Dugu Galuo died, emperor Wen of Sui not only pet her, but also let her take charge of the harem alone.It can be seen that Madam Xuan Hua must be of good beauty, even the crown prince Yang Guang coveted her for a long time.Say also be coincidentally, it was father Sui Wendi that sent him to pacify Chen Houzhu in those days, the world only knows Chen Houzhu’s favor concubine Zhang Lihua is empress dowager, did not discover Chen Houzhu’s younger sister was this beauty unexpectedly however.At that time, the Emperor wanted to keep Zhang Lihua, but was warned that beauty is dangerous, had to kill her.However, when Emperor Wen saw Chen, he was still shocked by her.However, Yang Guang was depressed. At that time, if he paid attention to it, he would not fulfill his father.In 604, Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty was seriously ill, and Lady Xuanhua often accompanied him.At this time of Yang Guang’s mind, he worried about the crown prince on the one hand, on the other hand also thinking about Lady Xuan Hua’s appearance.Empress Dugu had told her son that Chen was both talented and beautiful. Yang Guang was immediately enlightened. Since only Lady Xuan Hua could get close to his father, why not use her?And a chance to get close to this beautiful woman.Mrs Xuanhua, meanwhile, had a plan in mind.In his early years, Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty asked a physiognomist to look at his princes. The physiognomist said, “The king of Jin (Yang Guang) is too expensive to speak of.”Emperor Wen of Sui put this matter in his heart.At that time, Yang Guang was hidden very deeply. Once, emperor Wen of Sui went to Yang Guang’s house and found most of the Musical Instruments in his house had broken strings. Therefore, he concluded that Yang Guang did not like to play and praised him greatly.Moreover, all the civil and military officials at that time praised Yang Guang for his filial piety and benevolence.It can be said that Yang Guang succeeded in deceiving everyone and making himself into the perfect crown prince expected by the Emperor.In fact, the first crown prince appointed by The Sui Emperor was not Yang Guang, but Yang Yong, Yang Guang’s older brother.Yang Guang began to deliberate, looking for opportunities to frame Yang Yong, and finally got what he wanted.In 600 AD, Yang Guang was officially appointed crown prince.He knew how he had earned his position, and he feared that others might try to kill him now that his father was seriously ill.When Emperor Wen became seriously ill, Yang guang realized that there was no chance. He quickly made eyes at Lady Xuan Hua and bribed her with gold and silver jewelry.Madam Xuan Hua was very smart. She knew that Emperor Wen trusted Yang Guang, and Yang Guang had a very good chance of succeeding to the throne, so she was willing to go along with the situation.However, she did not expect that Yang Guang was thinking about more than just the throne.Seeing emperor Wen’s illness getting worse, Yang Guang wrote a letter to Yang Su, an important official of the Sui Dynasty, asking him how he would govern the country.As a result, Yang Guang’s secret letter was transferred to the department of military affairs by maids in the palace, and finally fell into the hands of emperor Wen of Sui.Upon hearing this, Madam Xuan Hua immediately reported to Yang Guang, who promptly cooperated with Yang Su from the inside out and replaced all the palace staff in emperor Wen’s Renshou Palace with great force and without a word.The next morning, Madam Xuan Hua just stepped out of the Palace of Renshou, unexpectedly ran directly into Yang Guang’s arms, this is simply Yang Guang begged but could not do.When Yang Guang wanted to take further action, the door of the temple behind him actually opened, and the person who walked out was Mrs. Rong Hua.The woman screamed at the sight, and ran hurriedly into the palace.Mrs. Xuan Hua saw the situation, panic followed Mrs. Rong Hua rushed to the front of the Emperor.Emperor Wen of sui saw Lady Xuan Hua’s face pale, hair hanging loose, messy service, immediately suspicious to ask her: “Love princess, what happened?”Mrs. Xuanhua stumbled and said, “No, nothing.”She dared not speak of her meeting with the crown prince for fear of giving away the secret of her message.Although sui Wendi is seriously ill but the look in the eyes is sharp to see madam Ronghua: “you, broad day shout loudly become what propriety!What on earth is going on!”Madam Ronghua didn’t care and blurted out, “Your Majesty, the prince is rude to Madam Xuanhua!”This speech a, sui Wen emperor immediately spirit all over shiver: “this beast!I haven’t even died yet, I began to miss my mother’s wife!Worse than animals!”The Emperor was unaware that his son Yang Guang had already taken control of the palace.Knowing that his fate was not long, he had to cry bitterly: “Dugu’s family has mistaken me!How can I entrust the kingdom to him?”That night, Yang Jian, the founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty, mysteriously died in the Great Hall.He could not have imagined that the land he had worked so hard to build would be destroyed in the hands of the prince he had personally chosen.Just 14 years after the death of Emperor Wendi of Sui Dynasty, the ignorant Yang Guang finally brought the Sui Dynasty to an end.Emperor Wen of sui dynasty loved Dugu Galuo very much and even promised her a pair of people for life before marriage.However, the oath was always unreliable, so the Emperor gave queen Dugu supreme power in exchange for the enjoyment of enriching his own harem.It can be said that dugu empress played the most important role in dethroning Yang Yong.Would the outcome of the Sui dynasty have been different if Emperor Wen had not been swayed by Yang Guang and had firmly chosen Yang Yong as crown prince?It is worth mentioning that after Yang Guang ascended the throne and declared himself emperor, he still made Lady Xuan Hua a member of his harem.Soon after, this woman, who had married two emperors for three dynasties, died of depression at the age of 29.People often use the phrase “beauty begets water” to describe beautiful women. In fact, it is not their fault that they are beautiful.Only blame they have no independent choice!And they became the scapegoat and the victim.

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