Married man, why can also covet outside marriage “the pleasure of love”?

Bai Xiaojing is a freelance writer who is eager to fall in love with words until she grows old. She focuses on emotional analysis and interprets the big world from a little woman’s perspective.Since ancient times, many men have been “polygamous”, which means that even if a man has a beautiful wife and a happy family, he will never give up the opportunity to “forage” outside.This has nothing to do with the progress of The Times and has not changed since ancient times.However, do not think that men are to meet the physical needs of adultery, in fact, what really let them infatuate with, is the “process of love.”The thrill of love is a need that will never go out of style.A lot of men who cheat in marriage, they go from one person to another, and it’s a different person at each stage.These objects may be a ambiguous person in the mobile phone, may be a stranger that some consumption occasions know, may be often chatting together “confidante” and so on.There is an obvious feature that men find “love feelings” in these objects.They’re not just looking for an outlet for their hormones, they’re looking for an emotional outpouring.In the process of enjoying the feeling of love, men are also seeking the satisfaction of emotional value.And these are the things you don’t find in your spouse at home.A lot of classical literature also tells stories of married men leaving their wives behind to go out and have fun.In the old days, most marriages were arranged by parents, not by one’s own will.Therefore, men like to visit brothel after marriage, enjoy the kind of paradoxical love feeling.In ancient times, brothel women were good at singing and dancing, but also literate, not the social butterfly in the modern sense.Men and their poetry and painting, warbler song yan dance, drinking poetry, all kinds of elegant play.Then, to the last step.But in fact, it’s not the last step that men love the most, it’s the process of love that really gets them hooked.If you get straight to the point at the beginning, the result will be boring.That’s not why married men are out looking for excitement.Being immersed in the illusion of love releases the happy dopamine.No matter which era of men, the bottom of human nature needs have not changed.What really comforts them in their extramarital relationships is the sense of control, the pleasure of dominating their partner’s body and mind, not just their bodies.Some people will play out their true feelings in this process, threatening their own marriage, and finally lead to misfortune.This is not a good grasp of the consequences of the degree, but also the performance of playing with fire.You choose to take risks, have the courage to take the consequences.Men tend to be the ones who benefit from your marriage. They need stability and family, but they also have an instinctive need for affection.Most men, when faced with a choice, don’t divorce and give up their family.Because, whether it is personal reputation, or life pressure, economic burden, will threaten a man’s interests.So, most men cheat for fun, unless their family is already in crisis or their marriage is at risk.They are a group of people who know how to weigh the pros and cons, and choose to shrink back when facing unknown problems.Even in the outside, in love, but the real idea of divorce is not easy to produce.When you calm down, family is the most difficult thing for a man to give up.So, don’t expect the man outside the marriage to be “responsible”, the woman outside is just a “happy factor” to adjust life.Once you fall in love, you lose your value.So what is marriage?Many people feel that they and their wives and husbands are like strangers living under the same roof, friends and comrade-in-arms, but not lovers.The sexy relationship between the sexes is lost, but the relationship has to be maintained.But marriage can be a shelter, an organic union against the emptiness and despair of the universe.Sometimes, not only for the children, property, but also for themselves and their partners a kind of responsibility and protection.This is a fundamental property of marriage.With the basic functions to meet life, there are more dimensions of demand.You can’t have your cake and eat it, neither can marriage or love.Learning to control your desires and how to balance trade-offs is the way to maintain a stable marriage.What do you think?(It’s short, but it’s warm.)

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