Huatian Hotel February 16 intraday limit

February 16 intraday Huatian Hotel (000428) limit, as of press, the share price was 4.26 yuan, transaction 540 million yuan, turnover rate 12.10%, amplitude 6.98%.In terms of capital, the main fund of Huatian Hotel in recent 5 days has a net inflow of 485 million yuan, and the main fund is generally in a net inflow state.Huatian Hotel Company’s main business for catering, rooms, other, 2021 quarterly report shows that the company achieved operating revenue of 466 million yuan, an increase of 41.09%;Net profit -226 million yuan, down 40.69% year-on-year;Earnings per share: -0.22 yuan.It is worth noting that the company has not had an agency rating for the past 180 days.(This article was completed by securities Times E company writing robot “Kuaishou Small E”.)

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