Beijing SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala: Baby host pull hips, Guan Xiaotong long legs attract eyes, Shen Teng Ma Li CP sense burst

At 19:30 on the first day of the lunar New Year, the Spring Festival Gala on major TV channels officially kicks off.In order to compete for the same audience rating, the five major TV channels have invited many of the industry’s biggest names to show their strength.However, of all the channels, Beijing SATELLITE TV dominated the competition because of its excellent guests.Since the CCTV Spring Festival Gala began to promote, Baby has become a brand of Beijing SATELLITE TV, has been vigorously promoting.This time, Beijing SATELLITE TV got the benefit of Baby and Huang Xiaoming’s divorce, beating other TV channels in ratings and becoming the biggest winner of the Spring Festival Gala.Baby’s team started by marketing “Baby is beautiful” and indeed received a lot of praise.But after a while, the popular search changed to “Baby hosts Beijing Spring Festival Gala with sweet little milk sound”.Obviously can rely on the appearance to win, but they want to marketing “hosting skills”, this is not slap their face?”I don’t hate her, but I just can’t stand seeing this apparently unprofessional streaming star making waves!”Another said: ‘Great!Kindergarten Spring Festival gala host found, and acting the same, this is to find a new backer?”Baby: Yeah, I didn’t learn how to be a radio host, so my pronunciation is not standard.In short, Baby can marketing beauty, can marketing figure, but is not marketing acting and hosting skills, it is a laughing stock.Zhang Guoli, Ge You, Liang Tian Zhang Guoli is an old actor, has acted many plays, lines are also very hard, has been loved by the audience.However, this time, zhang Guoli, the host of the program with Baby, felt unable to take Baby even with her background, no matter how good the lines were.”When you take the script, Baby is an actor.High set a wear, Baby is the model;Mike took it and became the host again.But can’t you be a quiet beauty if you’re neither professional nor crotch?However, Zhang Guoli’s ability to control the field is really strong, and Ge You, Liang Tian in the performance of “Friends to Celebrate the New Year”, he has been driving the atmosphere, let Ge You slightly less a bit of embarrassment.Fortunately, Ge You’s side has an old friend Liang Tian, otherwise Ge uncle much nervous ah, ha ha.I feel uncle Ge’s nervous face is red, thanks to less lines.Jin Jing and Liu Yan, partners Wang Ning, Chen Xi and others, performed the sketch “I am good in Beijing”.The sketch, which focuses on the drifters in The north and shows the sadness of migrant workers, resonated with many netizens.On the show, Liu yan was dressed up and still beautiful.Her face is just a little stiff. I guess the aftereffects of the plastic surgery are slowly coming.Jin Jing is wearing a big doll, still so careless, she is really suitable for the sketch, the feeling is a laugh.Tengger and Allen: The duo looked hilarious as they sang “I Love You at 105 Degrees.”Although Allen’s singing skills are not comparable to Tengger’s, the two’s playful interaction on the set lifted the atmosphere, and netizens commented that their collaboration was both demonic and festive.Tengger’s business seems to be very busy, not only appeared on Beijing SATELLITE TV, but also appeared on Jiangsu SATELLITE TV, worthy of the “most popular soul uncle”.Seeing the expression of Uncle Teng when he sings, I think of his performance in the major movies. I always want to laugh.Jia Bing and Yang Di collaborated on the skit warm Snow. Their collaboration was hilarious and meaningful, aiming to pay tribute to the country’s anti-epidemic workers.After the show, Yang posted: “The cold winter will pass. Let’s salute the spring together in 2022 for every selfless volunteer.”That’s a lot of heart.6, CAI Xukun: appearance level of the United States young CAI Xukun is a well-known flow star, in recent years, he has been in the forefront of the storm, although as low as possible, but still quite the attention of the netizens.In the spring evening of Beijing TV, CAI xukun sang a song titled “Mountains and Rivers Are Still in My Chest” to pay tribute to the anti-epidemic warriors.As a result, after CAI finished singing, netizens were unanimously moved by his appearance level, and commented: The stage is so beautiful, Kun Kun is so handsome, and it is too good to watch.7. Shen Teng and Ma Li: They fell in love again on the night of CCTV Spring Festival in 2022. Shen Teng and Ma Li worked together again and became the biggest joke of the night.This is not, in the spring evening of Beijing SATELLITE TV, Shen Teng and Ma Li took Alan and Chang Yuan to be guests, and told about the mahua Family together, and respectively told about how they joined the “happy Mahua”.Ma Li said in the program “Tengge is my bole”;”I have never seen an actress so attractive on stage,” Shen teng said.Oh, my god, two people instantly CP feeling burst, as if back to the past.8, Guan Xiaotong, Wang Ou, Fu Jing: three flower fairies Guan Xiaotong, Wang Ou and Fu Jing’s song and dance “The Heart of flowers”, the appreciation is also very strong, three beauty incarnations of flower fairies, wandering in the sea of flowers.No matter from wear build, makeup, or stage build, it is beautiful huan, let a person get drunk, really worthy of being a big TV station.Guan Xiaotong wore a pink dress, showing two straight big long legs, instant beauty to let a person enchanted, estimated Lu Han is secretly watching?So far, guan Xiaotong has been on the Beijing Spring Festival Gala for the 7th time, every year is beautiful, worthy of the “Daughter of Beijing circle”.Fu Jing’s flower fairy shape is also very elegant, after the program sent a lot of press releases, although the marketing is very fierce, but its stage shape is really very beautiful.Even the “Flower heart” dancers, are beautifully dressed, let a person have a kind of exposure to the “fairyland” illusion, instantly let a person girl heart burst.Wang Ou wore a green fairy dress, sitting on a beautiful swing, although slightly older than the two young girls, but also as beautiful as a picture, extremely romantic.In addition to the song and dance of “Flower Heart”, Wang ou also performed in the sketch “So many People in the World” with Song Xiaobao, Che Xiao and Xu Zhisheng.In the sketch, Wang ou plays Song Xiaobao’s “ex-girlfriend” and the story is full of jokes, which has won praise from netizens.Wang Ou this figure, simply absolutely, even the clothes in the sketch are beautiful out of the circle, the feeling is more eye-catching than car Xiao.Words, good envy treasure elder brother, in each year of each big spring evening, his girlfriend will always change, and all are big beauty.9, Tu Honggang, Liang Tian, Yang Lixin, Liu Jinshan “looking for happiness” hey hey, these four old brothers, think back then, but the wrist of Beijing, this unexpectedly appeared together in the Spring Festival Gala stage of Beijing SATELLITE TV, it is rare.The four old brothers are very happy, all speaking Beijing accent, thief can garble that kind, chorus song “looking for happiness” is also very happy.It is said that this song is written by Liang Tian himself, which is very suitable for parents to listen to. The reunion of the “four brothers” is really a “scene” ah!The song is also highly praised by netizens, who say: “Listen to it, it’s very warm, and get ready to cycle!”When Unga, Baby, And Kim Sung-kwon meet Angelababy, what will happen?After watching the song “Make the World More Beautiful,” you may find the answer.Although the three are very happy on stage, which can make people into the atmosphere of New Year in a second, it is Yunga who is the most charming.11, Wu Jing, Yu Dong, Huang Jianxin, Tsui Hark, these four celebrities on the Beijing Spring Festival Gala, mainly to promote the changjin Lake water Bridge.As the director behind the movie, he’s been trying to tell the story of watergate Bridge in order to sell more tickets.Although watergate Bridge has a good reputation, the tickets are really expensive, almost every city is more than 100.The ticket price of Watergate Bridge is also between 80 and 100 in the small fifth-tier city where the author lives, which is a bit expensive.However, if the film has a good reputation, no matter how expensive it is, I believe there will be audiences to buy tickets, but compared to the previous ticket price of 30 or 40 yuan, it is “daunting”.Wu jing also teamed up with Yin Liyuan to sing “Together for the Future”. Looking at wu Jing on the stage, he was a bit stiff. It was really difficult for him.12, Liu Yu’s dance is too amazing Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala is a lot of surprises, Liu Yu and “virtual person” Su Xiaomei cross-dimensional cooperation of the new tide wind dance, it is too amazing.Liu Yu’s beautiful dance, coupled with a dreamy, fairyland stage, as if together into the bright stars, beautiful.The combination of new technology and Chinese style, the perfect fusion of real person and virtual person, and the exquisite choreography design make the stage show of “A Dream on a Star” stand out. It is really great.Sha Yi, Hu Ke Sha Yi and Hu Ke also appeared in Beijing Spring Festival Gala, together with the sketch “Sweet trouble”, husband and wife cooperation, a lot of joy.Look closely at couples in the entertainment industry, it seems that they are performing together.Xie Na Zhang Jie appeared on Dragon TV and the two sang a duet of Little Kite.Qi Wei and Li Chenghyun appeared in Hunan Satellite TV, two people have been fit for many times, all the more beautiful, tacit understanding, not the kui is the best partner of male handsome female beautiful.Zhou Shen, Li Qin, Xu Weizhou Zhou Shen singing skills as always, or so amazing.And, this time of satellite TV spring evening, zhou shen seems to appear at the same time in three stations, is really busy with business.Li Qin and Xu Weizhou cooperated in the song and dance “Congratulations on getting Rich”, Li Qin dressed in the United States, a look is a little sweet sister.And xu Wei Zhou handsome, also as if to break through the screen, straight into the heart, no wonder so many small fans younger sister.The penultimate program of the Spring Festival Gala in Beijing is “Where is the Flavor of The New Year”, which is co-hosted by He Huan, Xu Juncong, Tai Wei, Tian Yu, Spicy Yangko and CAI Guoqing.Does this look familiar?Isn’t this jialing’s little sister’s team?This time can not Spring Festival Gala, can only come to Beijing SATELLITE TV to play, performance is still very bright.Watching the Spring Festival Gala on Beijing SATELLITE TV, there are numerous celebrities and excellent stage effects, worthy of winning the ratings champion.In fact, see which Spring Festival gala can be, as long as the family happy, happy to spend the Spring Festival, is the biggest harvest.Have you watched the Spring Festival Gala on TV channels?Which TV program do you like best?Which star’s performance did you like best?– the END —

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