The 12th lotto drawing, the first prize opened 6 notes fell 5 places, Sichuan lottery people won 20 million yuan

January 26th, ushered in the sports lottery 22012 lottery drawing time, is also the last phase of the Lottery before the New Year, is also a phase of the lottery friends pay more attention to see if there is an unexpected harvest in the last phase,To draw a successful end to the year of the Ox.The total sales volume of this period was 327 million yuan, 39 million yuan higher than the previous period, and lottery players are thinking of trying their luck in the last period of this year, ready to have a good year.Let’s learn about the details of the current big Lotto draw.Drawing numbers: front area: 03, 05, 10, 33, 34 back area: 07, 10 front area number: this period of the tap number out of 03, to 34 end, before and after the span of 31, than the last two points, and the value of 85, than the last four points.The size ratio of the five numbers in the front area is 2:3, the parity ratio is 3:2, the number distribution ratio of the three areas is 3:0:2, and the number ratio of 012 channels is 2:2:1.The numbers are still concentrated on 0 and 1.Issue a group of double serial no. 33, 34, issue a group of heavy tail no. 03, 33;03, 05 are the heavy number of the previous period, 33 is the oblique adjacent number of the previous period.No. 10 missed 11 issues.Back area number: opened 07, 10, before and after the span of 3, and the value of 17, both are large, an odd and even combination.This combination just opened in 22009, is it a big surprise to the lottery?Grand Prize: the first prize issued 6 notes, 10 million yuan;By shaanxi (basic 1 note, additional 1 note), Anhui (basic 1 note), Fujian (basic 1 note), Chongqing (basic 1 note) and Sichuan (basic 2 note) lottery win.The second prize of 86 notes, the prize is 201,000 yuan.The third prize has 118 notes and the prize is 10000 yuan.The rate of the lottery is 42.06%, and 58% of the lottery participants are excluded from the awards. After the lottery, the amount of the next lottery pool will be 1.225 billion yuan.The night of other kinds of color play lottery situation: arrangement of the third 22026 period lottery number: 6 1 8 arrangement of the fifth 22026 period lottery number: 6 1 8 7 0 this period of the lottery 22012 period of the specific lottery situation is introduced to this, first of all, congratulations to the current winners of the lottery friends, expressed warm congratulations.The last phase of the year of the Ox lotto has been opened, there is no relationship between lottery winners, peace of mind over the New Year, want to win the big prize until the New Year, to a tiger tiger shengwei, the New Year has a good omen.Finally, I wish you lucky luck in the Year of the Tiger!For more exciting content, come to ten Years of Traveler 01

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