Remuneration 50-200 yuan/article | “night” sea filling

01 About our unilateral output seems to be a little less human touch, you come and go is the real communication and growth.I suddenly want to listen to your story, share your happiness and sorrow.We are committed to content creation, we also have a strict review mechanism here, all formats and content meet our requirements are carefully read by the editor, quality is equal to everyone.So, I decided to call for contributions!Welcome to contribute and share your life.02 types of stories: emotional, growth articles, required to ignite the reader’s emotional explosion point, trigger readers resonance, full of layers of the heart of the article, 1500-3000 words.Example: That boy taught me about growing up and love essays: details of life, daily conversations, emotional expression, anything from 1000 to 2000 words.Example: “No boy is worth being a back-up guy.”Example: “The star that feeds the whole Of China flies to the sky.”Example: To be worthy of yourself is a successful letter: Write a letter to whomever you want, and send your heart to him or her in 800-1500 words.With you, I know that paper is short and deep.Please add an attachment to the email:, the manuscript is a Word document, there is no need to paste content in the email body.Wechat search pay attention to wechat official account: Contribution essay station (ID:TGZWYZ), every day to update a large number of essay information information.Reply keywords, you can receive thousands of contributed mailbox resources for free!2. Submission requirements: Title Song Typeface no.3, body bold no.5.Clear typography, clear paragraphs, correct punctuation, preferably with pictures.3. Title: pen name + type + title + word count.Here’s an example:Moon + + story “the boy taught me about growing up and love” + 1500 (sad Mimi say 1, you can take a catchy title oh, for the public, the article, a good title super points) mail title and Word document of title are pen name + type + title + Word count, please attach the right WeChat ID (at the end of document in order to contact,(04 Notes for Submission 1.Submitted in good faith, the work must be original and first published, not published on any platform (Douban, Jianshu, Baijia, Weibo, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, etc.).Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and more than one draft is submitted.Once discovered, the disputes and losses caused by this, are borne by the author.2. Contribution fee: How much is the final contribution fee? The weight of the reading amount is the highest (within 24 hours).In the initial stage of the public account, the later stage will increase the payment with the increase of the number of fans of the public account.You can forward a lot of friends and group increase the reading quantity, but don’t brush reading oh, malicious brush such as reading, no. The public has the right to distribute the reward, not a permanent and shielding within one month of draft three articles, namely, get the favour of reviewing small make up, to be the guest writer, can set up their own exclusive album, and subsequent articles belong to their own exclusive album.3. Review duration: We will reply within three days. We hope you can feel more comfortable and cooperate with us if you get the reply as soon as possible.1. Please do not submit more than one manuscript.2. Once the original article is accepted and published, the editor has the right to modify or delete the title and content of the article.3. If the work is on the draft, the official account has the right to publish the manuscript to other new media platforms without additional payment.4. Submission assumes that you have known all the above rules and agree to all terms.Alone through the gray recklessness, with you to walk is light.I am waiting for the wind, also waiting for you.

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