Power has been restored to half of facilities in Almaty, Kazakhstan

An overload of a transit line in Kazakhstan has caused an accident in its power supply system, affecting power supplies in a number of Countries in Central Asia, kazakh Power Grid Management Corporation (KEGOC) news said on January 25.Power has been restored to 50 percent of facilities in Almaty, Kazakhstan.According to Sputnik news agency on January 25, kazakhstan’s power grid management company is taking measures to determine the cause of the accident.”In Almaty, 50 percent of the local power outages caused by the failure of high-voltage transmission lines have been restored,” the almaty municipal government said in a statement.Almaty airport press office told Sputnik news agency that the airport is operating normally.Kazakhstan’s Samruk-Energy said that almaty’s subway and hospitals were operating normally.(This article is from thepaper.cn. For more original news, please download thepaper.cn APP.)

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