Civil Aviation Administration staff: experts are working overnight to decipher one of the black boxes sent back to Beijing

March 24, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China staff introduction, yesterday at the scene of the accident to find a black box, was transported back to Beijing overnight, technical experts after the overnight deciphering, work is under way.”The decoding of black boxes could take a few days at the earliest or six months at the slowest,” said an official with the Civil Aviation Administration of China.I hope you trust us, trust our country, we will crack the information as soon as possible.”The “March 21” Flight Accident National Emergency Response Headquarters held the third press conference on March 23.Zhu Tao, director of the aviation safety Office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), said at a press conference that a black box was found near the main impact site at around 16:30 on Monday.Preliminary indications are the cockpit voice recorder.It has been sent to Beijing for repair and decoding.Earlier on The afternoon of March 23, MAO Yanfeng, director of the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Center, said at a second press conference that there were two flight recorders produced by a US company in the crash, one of which is the flight data recorder (FDR), installed in the tail of the passenger cabin, recording about 25 hours.The other is the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), which is mounted in the tail of the cargo hold.The paper previously reported that the plane’s black boxes can withstand explosive disintegration, high-temperature combustion, immersion and other damage.The battery in the black box lasts about 30 days.During this time, it will continuously send signals to the outside world.This article is from

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