China’s 147-point hero was beaten 128-0, 117-0, 3-2 match point collapse and 4-3 defeat

Qualification for the 2022 Welsh Open snooker tournament continues.China’s “Mr 147” Zhou Yuelong lost 3-2 match point to world Number 38 Jamie Jones in a highlight match on the fourth match day to miss out on the Welsh Open tournament.Zhou is currently ranked 20th in the world, second only to Zhao Xintong, the UK Championship champion, and Yan Bingtao, the Masters champion.He played very well last season and was close to TOP16 indefinitely. His condition fluctuated greatly this season. He was expected to improve in this competition, but his spirit was not good.Zhou qualified for the Welsh Open against world Number 38 Jamie Jones.Zhou Yuelong and Jones only a confrontation record, the match lost to the opponent.The first game of the game, Zhou Yuelong began to enter the state quickly, and the opponent Jones also appeared very passive in front of his offensive.Zhou opened with two 50-plus shots, opening with a 66 and then a 62 for a 128-0 shutout against Jones to start 1-0 strong.In the second frame, Zhou kept up the momentum as he carded another 68 to win 92-49 for a 2-0 lead.In the third, after losing the opening two games in a row, Jones finally found his attacking touch and answered with 67 points to break back 72-28 to level the score at 1-2.The fourth set, Jones continued to use attack to suppress Zhou yuelong, he hit 61 points, 92-4 again to tie the score at 2-2, both sides back to the same starting line.In the fifth set, Zhou found his attacking touch again as he smashed a 117-0 shutout to Jones to regain a 3-2 lead and win match point.In the sixth game, desperate Jones did not give up, he shot 56 points, 72-20 save match point, 3-3, both sides into the decider.In the decider, Zhou Yuelong and Jones both made mistakes, but the opponent better grasped the opportunity, he passed several hands, 78-26 win again, after pulling two games in a row, the total score 4-3 staged a big reversal, strong promotion to the Welsh Open tournament.And Zhou yuelong has disappointed again, continuing his poor form so far this season.

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