On the single punishment wind female suddenly fire, the reason behind people reflect, transmission changes really right?

Although the LPL and LCK divisions are on hiatus, the European and North American divisions are still playing, and one genre that is gaining popularity in recent LCS North American arenas is the single disciplinary girl.On the first day of the LCS spring regular season on Saturday, FlyQuest took to the road to select the lady of the wind, while earlier in the Spanish league’s LVP spring season, Barca eSports’ Road runner Dreedy took to the road as well, with a reprieve.Then why did the wind girl suddenly run on the road, with her punishment?What’s the game?In fact, after the beginning of the S12 season, there are many passers-by in the ranking to try the wind girl on the single punishment flow gameplay.After becoming a road hero, she maintained the highest win percentage of all “road heroes”, scoring an astonishing 57.03% in platinum and above.As of today, her winning percentage in the same group has dropped to 54.58 percent, but that’s still very high.While this may seem like a surprise option, there’s more to hooking up than meets the eye.First of all, the single wind female is basically completely give up on the line.Online, he buys the wage suit and spends most of her time wandering and matching up with Tano’s gank, and then tano’s matching up with her to get the bounty of the wage suit, so ueno’s tying also makes it easier for Tano to do all sorts of things from the enemy’s field.Because of this, Wind Girl can easily fall into a negative economy on the road, and her team can take advantage of this, cashing in the bounty of enemies in the late game, and even in the middle of the inevitable strategic point version of the unique content.But thanks to the existence of wage packs, his own economy is not far behind.Can see, this kind of style is a bit similar to the previous wild game, just changed a kind of figure, but also because such a game, it is easy to carnivorous wild enriching, then feedback to the whole team, that’s why she has a very high odds of reason, and make this game, there are two reasons for the fundamental one is the transfer after the changes,This point on the single and the whole team in the middle of the rhythm of the disjointed, the second is to reward the existence of strategic points are used.Normally, a hero with such a high win percentage would be a target for Riot’s balance team, but according to the team at Riot Games that designed Riot Phroxzon, that doesn’t seem to be the case.”This is something we’ve been trying to solve as a priority,” says Riot Phroxzon.If we can gain confidence in a solution, then our priority would be to try to get it out, but there are no plans at the moment.”It’s hard to track down exactly who developed the tactic, but the likes of HappyChimeNoises, Cloud9 coach Veigarv2, and former league of legends pro Lourlo are all responsible for making it popular among players.Now, Janna Top could be the new scourge of the LCS.No one knows when Riot will take a hard look at Windgirl on the road, but with FlyQuest’s victory over CLG, there’s a good chance we’ll see this play in more leagues.For single disciplinary wind on female, personal feel this game actually risk or pretty big, to give up on the road means once choose to jess, male gun across the middle is easy to hit the effect of single, may be less than strategic point refresh, prophase can put you on the road across the customs clearance, and then attempt to take resources, at a time when you want to go to the invasion of the wild area again, estimates that also have to consider,Although similar to Wild Core, today’s version is not what it was before.

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