In 2022, the big money will come from moving to short videos and live streaming

If you ask people what is the easiest and most popular form of entertainment today?No doubt, it must be watching short videos and live streaming.On the other hand, the development of short video and live streaming industry has also brought dividends to many people.For entertainment, information acquisition, shopping and learning, short videos have increasingly penetrated into all aspects of users’ lives.According to the 49th Statistical report on China’s Internet Development released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in February, China had 1.032 billion Internet users as of December 2021, including 934 million short video users, with a usage rate of 90.5 percent.It can be said that we have entered the era of national short video and national live broadcast, and more and more people believe that the big money can be made by moving the stage to short video and live broadcast.Starverse, a smart incubator for artistic talent, was born to accelerate the development of gold nuggets for those engaged in short video and live streaming.Starverse Operation Company is the general station of Professional Ability evaluation of China Light Industry Association, the governing unit of China Etiquette leisure Products Industry Association, and the Professional ability training and practice center of Internet marketers. It is an intelligent cultivation platform based on intellectual property rights storage and application of art industry.In Starverse, you can clearly position yourself and know who you are. You can make career plans according to professional career assessment suggestions provided by the platform, maximize your ability, and realize the goals you set according to your time, energy and ability, so as to continuously improve your earning power.With a strong team on stage and behind the scenes, professional guidance, and rich resources, Starverse is not only a platform for mutual achievement, but also a platform to help artists achieve the benefits of the new era!

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