Ahn Hyeon-soo was caught behind the net

It is against the Olympic spirit of solidarity, fair competition and mutual understanding.China’s short track speed skating team made remarkable progress at the Beijing Winter Olympics, while longtime rivals South Korea struggled to meet expectations.China swept gold and silver in the men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating event, where two South Koreans were disqualified for foul play.China also won the short-track mixed team relay, while South Korea crashed out in the quarterfinals.The comparison angered some South Korean Internet users, but instead of looking at themselves or the development of the sport itself, they pointed the finger at The technical coach of China’s short track speed skating team, An Xianzhu.On the Internet, some South Korean netizens launched online violence against Ahn, seriously disturbing ahn himself.In an interview with reporters, he specifically talked about the matter, calling on South Korean netizens not to hurt, against his family.▲ As the technical coach of The Chinese short track speed skating team, An Xianzhu (first from left) celebrates for the Chinese team.Some South Korean netizens were unhappy with Ahn’s teaching abroad, accusing him of being a “traitor”.This is actually an old topic.At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Ahn hyun-soo became a Naturalized Russian citizen and changed his name to Viktor Ahn.In this Olympic Games, Ahn hyun-soo won three gold MEDALS for Russia, rewriting the history of Russian short track speed skating.At that time, South Korean netizens began to attack him as a “traitor”.Turning from Ahn Hyun-soo to Victor Ahn was a painful decision for Ahn himself.A world-class short-track speed skater, Ahn was the ace of the Korean team, winning five MEDALS at the 2006 Turin Olympics.But in 2008, Ahn suffered a serious injury, and in 2009, he underwent three operations at his own expense, which also cost him the chance to compete in the Vancouver Olympics.Since then, the selection system of Korean short track speed skating has been reformed to focus more on the absolute speed ranking of individual skaters, and Ahn lost the chance to be selected for the national team.In early 2011, Russia invited Ahn hyun-soo to participate in the Sochi Olympics if he naturalized.Initially, Ahn refused, still trying to make the South Korean team, but when that failed, he eventually took Russian citizenship.It was a big deal at the time.As a speed skating powerhouse, the Korean team is full of talent, and it no longer seems to need Ahn.As an individual, Ahn still sees it as his dream to continue in the Olympics — he has something to prove.It is this spirit that made him shine in Sochi.Such is the feud between Ahn Hyun-soo and Korean speed skating.In April 2020, at the age of 34, Ahn announced his retirement, and six months later he was hired as the technical coach of China’s short-track speed skating team.However, in the world of sports, hiring foreign coaches is a normal thing, and the mobility of excellent coaches in different countries has greatly promoted the development of world sports.Most South Koreans support and praise their “own people” to serve as a coach in a foreign country. Not long ago, south Korean media reported that a South Korean might serve as the head coach of China’s men’s football team, which is full of expectations.It was Guus Hiddink, a Dutchman, who led Korea to the semifinals of the 2002 World Cup.Unfortunately, when Ahn did help the Chinese short track speed skating team improve their skills and performance, many Korean netizens took it hard and began to vent their anger at Ahn.They seem to have forgotten how bleak things were for Ahn in South Korea in 2011.There are always stories and controversies about coaches going abroad to find jobs and leading their teams to “defeat” athletes from their home countries. Appropriate discussion and introspection can also promote the development of sports in their home countries.Although the Olympic Games are a competition of nations, the common goal is to pursue the sportsmanship of human beings to transcend their own limitations.Therefore, this kind of controversy should be controlled within a certain limit. If it develops into Internet violence, and even affects the families of athletes and coaches, it is not only a serious violation of the line, but also a violation of the law.What some South Korean netizens need to think about is the problem facing South Korea’s short track speed skating itself.A dominant project, how can achieve longevity?In addition to the emergence of elite athletes and the realization of the old and new, there is also the need to face “competition from outside”.Some South Korean netizens clearly should not have blamed Ahn’s coaching of China, or even his family, for the loss of their athletes.Such a narrow national perspective goes against the Olympic spirit of solidarity, fair play and mutual understanding.”Every person should have the possibility to participate in sport without discrimination of any kind and reflecting the Olympic spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play.”This is a central tenet of the modern Olympic spirit, and why athletes from all over the world meet together every four years.So whether he is an athlete in Russia or a coach in China, there is nothing wrong with Ahn hyun-soo. He is an athlete and has the right to pursue his dreams.The Korean short-track speed skating community should take the Ahn Hyun-soo challenge as a stimulus to reflect on its own sports culture and stimulate its potential, rather than being influenced by the comments of Internet users.Duty editor Gu Li kang hee hee

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