Money can’t buy a Ferrari?Tuhao bought 12 Ferraris and was blocked from selling them to him

Many people envy the life of rich people. They can not only live in a big house, but also have someone to take care of their daily life and even drive a super car worth millions of dollars.Some even have their own garages full of Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and the like.But money is not everything, there are some people although rich, but they can not buy the car they want.Li Zhaojia, a Chinese American, loves Ferrari very much. He has 12 Ferrari sports cars in his garage, and all of them are ferrari’s most classic red models.If buying nine Ferraris at a stretch was shocking, his other achievement was even more impressive.Li zhaojia once bought a 1963 ferrari 250GTO for 120 million pounds, which is more than 1 billion yuan.The Ferrari GTO is one of the most important cars in Ferrari’s history, and it dominated almost every race in the 1960s.However, the car was produced in very small numbers. Only 36 ferrari 250GTO were produced from its 1952 introduction to 1964 production.It’s been 58 years since the car was discontinued, and there are only five Ferrari 250GTos left in existence, driving up its price.According to previous reports, the ferrari 250GTO will start at 25 million pounds, or about 220 million yuan.Although this car is nearly 60 years old, but it has achieved a brilliant record, so that many people like ferrari to this car.Li zhaojia also bought one of them with his own economic strength.Li zhaojia has a lot of luxury cars in his garage, but his favorite is ferrari. His luxury cars have attracted a lot of celebrities. Huang Zitao visited li’s garage before and took photos with his luxury cars.Car companies should love customers with deep pockets like this, but Li was turned away by Ferrari.When he tried to buy the 13th Ferrari, he was told by ferrari officials that you are not eligible to buy it.Why would Ferrari officially reject such an important customer? Is the threshold for buying a car too high?Although the car Li zhaojia wants to buy is ferrari Rafa, another limited edition model launched by Ferrari. There are only 500 cars of this car in the world, and the threshold of purchase is very high, li Zhaojia is fully qualified to buy it with his strength.But Ferrari officials believe he bought the cars not because of their performance, but because he wanted them for his collection.They believe that for a sports car, the greatest value is to show the performance of the vehicle. If it is just placed in the garage, it is a serious waste of its own performance.In addition, many of their models are limited, but not expensive.If a large number of customers buy ferrari, it will raise the price of the car, which is very unfair to other consumers who want to buy Ferrari, so they put Li zhaojia on the blacklist.It has to be said that money is not everything, even if you have money, you may not be able to buy your favorite model.But then again, if you only want to drive a Ferrari, you should get the most out of the cars you buy.It’s a waste of time to look at a sports car in the garage when it should be on the track.What do you think?

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