Launched the food safety work mode of major events, Shanghai strengthened supervision of group dining

Isolation points (observation points) and temporary medical treatment points (including makeshift hospitals) are on the increase, and the demand for meals for medical workers, quarantined personnel and other key groups is rapidly increasing.The Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation said today (April 5) that it has launched a food safety mode for major events in response to changes in the current group meal processing and distribution process, large number of meals, long supply chain, and multiple personnel operations.Previously, the work mode of food safety guarantee for major events had been launched during major events such as the Import Expo and Flower Expo.After the start of the mode, the market supervision department of the relevant food operators to implement the whole process of supervision.For catering units, video inspection, on-site inspection, enterprise self-inspection and other combined ways to strengthen supervision.For the box lunch supply enterprises of temporary medical treatment points (including makeshift hospitals), full coverage inspection shall be carried out once a day, and stationing supervision shall be implemented if conditions permit;For the feeding units at the isolation point (observation point), check at least once a week.Relevant business operators shall conduct business activities in strict accordance with the manner and scope approved by the food business license, and shall not process and distribute meals beyond the scope and quantity.It is necessary to strengthen the control of procurement, processing, sub-packaging, supply and other key links as well as temperature, time and other key control points, and organize production in strict accordance with the provisions of “Shanghai Measures for supervision and Administration of Group Dining Distribution” and “Hygienic Standards for Production and Distribution of Meals for Group Dining Distribution”.Do not sell food beyond the shelf life or reprocess and distribute food with food beyond the shelf life as raw materials;The supply of raw mixed vegetables, cooked food with modified knife, raw aquatic products and food prohibited by the state and Shanghai shall be prohibited.Market supervision departments to remind operators, to strictly implement the food retention sample system, and in the box to increase the “meal in time” warm tips, to remind diners to eat in time.Recently, the market supervision department has through video conference, video centralized interview, online training warning, signed a food safety notification commitment letter and other forms, urging enterprises to implement the main responsibility, strengthen food safety training.The market supervision department will severely punish the violators according to law, punish the illegal cases that intentionally violate the law, are bad in nature and have serious consequences, and notify them.Data released by the market regulator show that at present, more than 80 percent of temporary medical treatment points (including makeshift hospitals) that provide meals take the form of group delivery box meals.More than 50% of the isolation points (observation points) will be provided with collective delivery box meals, while other temporary medical treatment points and isolation points will process their own meals on site.Since April 2, 70 group delivery companies in Shanghai have provided group meals at temporary medical treatment points (including makeshift hospitals) and isolation points (observation points), providing more than 100,000 meals a day.Shanghai market supervision and other departments continue to select catering units, conduct pre-assessment and inspection on catering capacity, catering mode and food safety management capacity of catering units and put forward relevant opinions.At the same time, we investigated and visited the enterprises of collective meal supply under lockdown to help them resume work and production as soon as possible. We also supported public catering units with better hardware and software conditions for food safety and adopted group meal takeout to help ensure the meal supply of key groups.Photo source: Shanghai Municipal Administration of Market Regulation Source: Author: Chen Xihan

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